Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year That Was...

I'm reinventing a meme I saw in the summer into a Year In Review post:

In 2011, what was the...

…most beautiful post (on your blog)?
I love what I wrote about our very old, very wonderful dog, Falafel.

…most popular post (on your blog)?
By far the most popular post in the last year is my parody of the Tiger Mom essay. Many people continue to read about incorporating Star Trek episodes into homeschool lessons. Search engines continue to direct readers to the post "written by" Laureen Harper, my close, personal, imaginary friend. Ditto for everything I wrote about Will and Kate. A curious number of people look for photos showing Natalie Portman's pre- and post-op nose -- WHY?! Less disheartening, and more humbling is the stats showing people are reading my thoughts on going grey.

…most controversial post (on your blog)?
Ugh. Let's not re-open that particular can of worms, okay? Instead look at this photo of my kitten:

CUTE!  Everyone loves photos of cats sleeping in boxes, right!? Especially cats as cute as Osiris. We are still besotted with him even when he morphs into a bloodthirsty ghoul.  In honour of his first Christmas my mom even made him a stocking:

She spelled his name in hieroglyphs! I think my mom should open her own Etsy store -- don't you agree? Speaking of Etsy (pardon my heavy handed, clumsy use of segues) this is what we gave my mom (who is a total Harry Potterhead) for Christmas:

I bought this wizard boy pillow from the Pantoufle de Verre boutique on Etsy. I'm very pleased with the quality and service. I'm also pleased that my sons did NOT ruin the surprise -- they were really excited about this gift. 

…most helpful post (on your blog)?
People regularly come to my blog when researching tattoos. Search phrases that I've seen:
        √ tattoo for new mom
        √ want tattoo for mom
        √ new mom wants tattoo
        √ ideas for tattoo for mom with new baby
        √ new baby tattoo for dad
        √ tattoos for breeders
        √ tattoo baby name
        √ Chakotay's face tattoo
        √ Star Trek tattoo
        √ mom and dad tattoos in chinese

 If Tattoos are the New Mom Jeans stops even one person from getting a tattoo under the mistaken guise that tattoos are anything other than symbols of middle-class conformity, that post has served its purpose.

…post whose success surprised you?
Many people are seeking pictures and information about damaged toenails. I'm not a doctor -- though I sometimes play one on the internet -- and I'd like to advise anyone with a damaged toenail to consult a podiatrist. I wish I'd done that seven months ago. 

…post that you didn't feel got the attention it deserved?
I was surprised -- and quite frankly disappointed -- that my post about the under representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Star Trek didn't get much attention. It's time to gay up Trek, because while this photo is awesome, it just doesn't go far enough:

…post that made you most proud?
 Of all the things I wrote this year, my favourite was Why Trekkie Mothers are Superior. As I noted above, it is really popular and that makes me love it all the more.

• • • •

Oh, and before I forget:

Happy New Year!


  1. That stocking is genius. (not I, though, who just misspelled "genius").

    I had to go back to re read your Tiger Mom parody and I am so glad I did---that is one funny piece of writing! The "meld minds" quote made me LOL (again).

    Happy New Year, my friend. Keep writing!

  2. Happy New Year! Love that Harry Potter pillow, I'm assuming your mom was very pleased.

  3. "Yes, he'll live long, but will he prosper?"

    Dammit, I still have to watch that movie. Sorry. It's on my to-do list, but I've been SICK.

    Your mom is REALLY crafty.

    People regularly visit my blog looking for: varicose veins, Joan of Arctic Sorel boots, Jim Cuddy, Eric Dane's beard, and kids' yoga. How much do I talk about those things? A lot, I guess.

  4. @Fairly Odd Mother --
    Happy New Year! Genius is a very hard word to write, but then I have problems with wierd/weird.

    @Omaha Mama -- she loved the pillow!

    @Nicole -- No hurry on watching Star Trek. Guess what is now regularly stocked in our grocery store? Kale. Bunches and barrels FULL of kale! WHY? I don't know. Take care.

  5. So how can I get your mom to make 5 guinea pig Xmas stockings? I LOVE Osiris' stocking. It's perfect. Lola is da bomb! (Did I really just type that?)

    My taste is not very discriminating. I love ALL your blog posts... especially the one I am thinking would qualify for most controversial. ;)

  6. I did not love the controversy - it made my stomach hurt and my eyelid twitch. I love the Star Trek posts, though. And the Spock butterfly Christmas ornament. And when you make fun of celebrity baby names. Also, the Laureen Harper post was off the chain (if that means awesome - I'm not sure if I'm using it properly). Maybe I'll get a tattoo of a cross-dressed Chakotay on my ass - what would you say to that, huh?

  7. I fully agree that your post about the lack of lgbt characters in Star Trek was awesome, and should get more attention.

    Also, I some how managed to miss the hilarious take on superior trekkie moms the first time it was around, so THANK YOU for pointing it out :-)

  8. Happy New Year! I could never pick a favourite...although the Tiger Mom post was awesome. If your Mom can make a stocking like that she should totally have her own etsy store! That is fantastic and so is the pillow you got her.