Sunday, February 12, 2012


Friday was Zarf's 10th birthday. Or as I like to think of it: The Tenth Anniversary of the Last Time I Pooped In Front of a Room Full of Strangers.

This year we celebrated by giving him an obscene number of Ninjago and Iron Man toys. Mr Wrath made him a cake. We went swimming. I was mindful to lock the bathroom door every time I used the facilities.

• • • • •

As a follow up to a comment left by Allison on my last post, I'd like to draw your attention to my most favourite review on It's for Rocks and Plants (God's Creation Series) Book 3, by  Michael and Caroline Carroll:

• • • • •

Whitney Houston's dead. This is sad, right? Much sadder than when Michael Jackson died. Because Whitney Houston -- unlike Michael Jackson -- wasn't a pedophile who preyed on innocent children.

No, Whitney was a talented singer with bad taste in husbands, who helped make Dolly Parton a billionaire forty nine times over.

Rest In Peace, Whitney Houston, I will remember you when ever I hear your catchphrase "Crack is Whack." Indeed. It is whack.


  1. My brain must be functioning at half-power because I had to read that 10th anniversary bit a few times to realize the pooping happened 10 years ago, not on the 10th birthday.

    Whew! I was a little worried for a bit.

  2. Oh decorations for under the earth, yes that is what I always thought they were for!

    Poor Whitney. Such a waste of a life. I had her early cassettes and can say I saw The Bodyguard in the theatre. Her songs will live on, unfortunately forever tied to her untimely death.

    Happy Birthday Zarf!

  3. Pretty sure that pooping in front of someone makes them no longer strangers.

    & it's perfectly normal. Nobody even remembers, because next comes a baby.

    YAY BABIES, what were we talking about? See? Baby-induced amnesia.

  4. Happy birthday Zarf!

    It is so sad about Whitney. So much talent, so much beauty, and so little peace.

  5. @Eryn -- I remembered. And when the next kid was due, I happily request an enema. Twas wonderful.