Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Feel Bad Post Of The Year.

Our dog, Falafel, is ailing.

She's 13 years old so this is not entirely unexpected, but it's thrown me for a loop. No, really. I broke down crying at the grocery store today. I am not a crier, so this is HUGE. Falafel's barely eaten since Tuesday. We've managed to get her to take tinned food, bits of cheese, bananas and cucumbers (her top three favourite treats). More alarming is that she's only drunk water once.  Then today Mr Wrath found this huge, ugly, bumpy, hairless lump on her spine that wasn't there before.

We're taking her to the vet on Tuesday, and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible in the meantime.

Here's a recent photo of her with Ezri the cat:

Bonus dose of cuteness: Osiris and Ezri bird-watching:

Ezri is not just a flame point Siamese, she's part tribble and part meerkat. Look at this photo and guess -- JUST GUESS -- how the feline power hierarchy is playing out.

Now I don't want to depress you entirely, so I will share a photo that makes me giggle:

Is George Clooney wearing one of Mr Rogers' sweaters? What's he saying, I wonder? Did you notice the bulge in the crotch area that many a female, Twitter-user found impressive? Is the bald-headed cop sporting a pornstache? Is that Anderson Cooper over there on the far right? But my favourite part is that the cop in the white shirt looks like he stepped out of a Wallace and Gromit film. He is trying very hard to be stern, and he's almost pulling it off. Best day of his life, or BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE?!

Here's my final attempt at making you smile:

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  1. Poor old dog. Poor you. I hope she's comfortable and happy to the end. And wtf! Totally Mr. Roger's sweater.

  2. That clip made me giggle.
    I truly am sorry about your dog. So tough.

  3. That sincerely sucks. Poor you. Poor all of you.

  4. so, so sorry. :(

    and, that pic was so funny! Where do you find these things? What a range of emotions for one simple post. LOVE that Muppets version of Danny Boy. Oh boy!

  5. I'm sorry about Falafel. Will be sending many good thoughts your way.

  6. So sorry. What a good dog, it's so hard to say goodbye.

  7. So sorry about Falafel...I know how much he is loved in the house of Wrath.

  8. Oh I hate it when pets get old and stop eating and the watch begins. We went through it a couple of years ago with our dog and one of our cats in quick succession. I always think it will hurt less with every pet, but it never does. So sorry!

    That cop is straight out of Wallace and Grommit. Perfect!

  9. I'm so sorry about your sweet dog Falafel. (or is she savory?) (sorry, daughter is totally into this distinction lately).

    Thinking of you guys---so, so, so hard for our furry friends to not feel well.

  10. I DO think it was Anderson Cooper next to George. Because, of course, Anderson is as incapable of being out of the limelight as our dear Clooney.