Friday, March 9, 2012

Five exclamation marks is code for ANGRY. Three question marks, means "irony." Periods are passe. Facebook rules of grammar simplified !!!

At the top of my "Things I Learned Today" list is the notion that a person's ability to use punctuation correctly is in direct proportion to their ability to discuss gender politics and sexism intelligently.

Lest you doubt there is a correlation, I direct you to the discussion occurring on Megan Leslie's Facebook page. Ms. Leslie is a Member of Parliament and this week she stood up in the House of Commons and denounced the vile and misogynistic "The Male Is In The Czech" contest being run by a radio station in Halifax. She received a standing ovation. She also received an influx of Facebook users who think ellipses contain five dots and are meant to link disjointed, rage-filled sentence fragments.

For the past week I have avoided making harsh generalizations about the listeners of Q-104 and about the kind of people who patronize or sanction Mail Order Bride brokers. My conviction waivers when I see comments like these:

So much punctuation. So little of it used correctly. 

The response to that last comment is from me. I would like to state for the record, I do not think Q104's contest is "sexiest." I think it's sexist. And crass. And vulgar. And dangerous. But it sure the hell isn't "sexiest." Sexiest, in my opinion, is a term best reserved for descriptions of Tom Jones. 


  1. WHY did I go look?

    The "those women want Canadian men!" comments are pushing me right over the edge. Claiming she should have done her research would be amusing, if it wasn't so revolting.

    Heaven forbid they do some research about what the world outside their neighborhood is like.

  2. @Eryn -- The "Do your research! Do your homework!" comments always come from the people with the worst punctuation and spelling, which makes me doubt they're scholars. Someone on FB was refuting claims that human trafficking even happens in the Czech Republic. I posted links to this Prague Post article and an in depth profile from the State Department, but I doubt he read it.

    I loved what you wrote on Facebook!

  3. I can't look. I'm allergic to misspellings, poor grammar, and incorrect punctuation. If I look at that Facebook page I might die.

    Or - in the language of the listeners - I mite dye !1!

  4. @Nicole -- i cunt bee leave u say dat..maybe its a bit of jealosey from you???huh!lol