Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hope You Are Having A Happy "William Shatner's Birthday" Day!

In Canada -- birthplace of William Shatner -- today is a national holiday.

Though officially called "William Shatner's Birthday" Day, most people abbreviate the name to Shatner Day. The traditional greeting is "You're looking Shatnerrific!" or "Have a Shatner-tastic Day, Comrade."

As of today Canada officially adopted Shatner's new and improved and FABULOUS lyrics to our national anthem. "O Canada" is seldom played or performed other than at hockey games or public school assemblies, because Canadians are pretty lazy when it comes to patriotism. Which is too bad, because I think the new version is Shatnerful:

Happy 81st Birthday, Comrade Shatner!


  1. When I first read this, I was like what? no! he was born in Iowa!

    And then I realized that that was just Captain Kirk........

  2. Happy Birthday, guy who is in all those All-Bran commercials!

  3. Made my morning! Had to send it to my dad, who first introduced me to Star Trek and Shatner. Happy Shatner Day.

  4. You totally made this up. You made it up. Right? Please tell me you made it up.

  5. @Bibliomama -- you know what's the BEST part? The video was created by the NFB! Those are your tax dollars at work, Allison.

    @Maggie -- you are second generation AWESOME!

    @Nicole -- I appreciate that you make an effort.

    @Marty -- Not only that, but the birthplace of Spock is ALSO in Canada: Vulcan, Alberta!

  6. This was fabulous. Gave me the best laughs I've had all day!