Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nothing Controversial Going On Here. Move Along. Nothing To See.

This week I tried and failed to write several posts. My readership stats have spiked since last Sunday. I feel like I have a target on my back. Does that make me sound paranoid? If yes, please be assured that  it's just a mild, temporary case that will abate when you are no longer all out to get me. Or when my new silent, Haligonian readers move on. But in the short term, the fear that someone is going to willfully mis-interpret my humour for their own ends is crimping my creative impulses.

Rather than let my blog go dark, I'm posting photos.

Mr Wrath and the Wrathlets were skiing yesterday. I don't ski, but I do fret. I'm great at fretting. For the sake of my sanity, and their fun, I stayed at home. Which gave me the chance to tackle this project for the guest room:

I'm really grateful to the Baroness Emma Willer. When I whinged on Twitter that the shipping fees for this Royal wedding commemorative tea towel from Emma Bridgewater were astronomical, Emma came to my rescue. She and her lovely mother-in-law graciously shuttled this across the Atlantic Ocean, then sent it all the way up here to the wild Canadian hinterlands.

As an aside, it's much more fun to shop at UK online shops. Instead of Mrs, Mr, Miss, or Ms, you can have assume the title of a Baroness, Dame, Lord, Master, The Countess, The Duchess of, The Duke of, The Earl of, and more. My favourite is "Contessa." If I can't live in a Regency Era novel, I should at least be able to have my correspondence delivered in the style of those heroines.

In completely un-Contessa like fashion, I picked up some new glasses at the thrift store:

Klaxon and Zarf hate these glasses. Firstly, they have no association with any of these characters. They keep calling him Donald McRonald and want to know what species is Grimace. Secondly, Klaxon says he hates how they stare at him while he eats his dinner. "They're creepy. They LITERALLY have eyes and make me uncomfortable." I'm tempted to line them up on his bedside table tonight after the falls asleep. Mr Wrath won't let me.

HEY! Look at that. I wrote a whole post.


  1. The tea towel is sooo nice. Is it in a frame...can't tell. I think I remember those glasses! Hee. Put them in his room, oh man I must be a bad mother to even say that. Hee.

  2. Dearest Contessa Nan,

    I have decided that my blog hit stats have no correlation what-so-ever to the amount of blogging I'm doing at any given time. Not that I know where they come from anyways or what they're doing there, but seeing the numbers gradually go up over the last year makes me feel like I'm kinda sorta almost accomplishing something.

    Much love,
    Baroness Marty

  3. @Jenifer -- it's in a snap frame from Walmart, with a scrap of fabric as the backdrop. I think "Klaxon" would find it funny not scary if I put the glasses in his room. But I should probably not test that theory.

    @Baroness Marty -- Last month 491 "people" from a Somalia based p0rn site came to my blog. My Blogger statistics graph looks demented now. But who am I to disparage the people of Somalia from enjoying the G-rated snark of my blog?

    Live Long And Prosper,

    The Contessa of Wrath.

  4. I wanted glasses like that so much when I was a kid.

    Kids these days. They have no idea how good they have it.

    *vigorously shaking my head*

  5. Now feel an nearly insurmountable urge to shop at a UK on-line store just to require them to send it to the Baroness Von Mylastname or the Duchess of Mytown.

  6. 'Twas my pleasure, m'lady :). Looks great. Mine is stuffed in a drawer!