Monday, March 26, 2012

Vulcan Neck Pinches, FOR EVERYBODY!

It seems like we're hardly done with one holiday and the next is upon us. Halloween is barely over, and the stores are stocking Christmas decorations. The shelves are cleared of Valentine's Day cards and candy on February 15th, and the Easter junk takes over.

Personally, I'd barely taken down my William Shatner's Birthday Day ornaments, and it's already time to celebrate Leonard Nimoy's Birthday.  Mind you, I've always got a little something Nimoy-ish around my house:

Hey, you've got your false idols, I've got mine.

Happy 81st Birthday, Mr Nimoy. 
You've certainly perfected the live long part 
of "Live Long and Prosper!"


  1. He just makes me smile. Doesn't he just make you smile?

  2. The pope! My husband's grandma had so many pictures of the pope around her house. The first time I visited, I couldn't believe there were so many different pope-related decor options. Also lots of Mary and Jesus, but mostly the pope.

  3. @Bibliomama -- Yes, he does make me smile. We're talking about the pope, right?

    @Nicole -- JP2 is the BEST of the popes. I'm kinda sour on Benedict. It's the whole Nazi thing.

  4. YOU ARE BLOGGING LIKE CRAZY! How have I missed all these? HOW?

    I think I want a pope action figure, too.