Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Chapters-Indigo.ca,

I appreciate the timely delivery of my recent order.  However I thought the packaging was slightly excessive. Do you agree?

Four Lego baseplates do not require a 56 cm by 39 cm by 15 cm box.

However, our cats appreciated the 5 meters of packing paper you included.



• • • • • • • • • • 

Speaking of unseemly packages...

Based on this photo, I am very, very worried about the future of democracy in Canada. 


  1. I used to work a temp job packing boxes for a large consumer products company. My surmise:

    1)The appropriately sized boxes arrived from the box factory defective.

    2)The manager said to use "this one."

    3)Some underpaid contract laborer said, "Doesn't this seem excessive for what we're sending?"

    4)The manager told him to stop worrying about it and get back to work.

    The only other thing I learned from packing boxes: trash compactors are fun.

  2. Ha!

    My kids would love a few more big Lego plates. There are NEVER enough.

  3. I ordered some Mary Kay products from my aunt. One lipstick she did not have in stock and so the company was going to ship it directly.

    One lipstick - surrounded by tons of packing, in a 4L box.

  4. @Nicole -- did you get the box and think "OMIGOD!! This tube is NEVER going to fit in my purse?"

    @Melanie D -- I like how the plates get the boys rethinking and reuisng the parts in the building kits.

    @Veronica -- Fair enough. But when I got the delivery slip I told my sons, "Your new Lego base plates are here." Then we get to the counter and this huge box comes out and they were thrilled. That box is too big for just base plates! You tricked us! You bought us some big building kits. Thanks mom. You're the best! That stupid box made me look bad. And I REALLY don't need help looking bad.

  5. I was watching something the other day and the company had two sizes of boxes for everything they shipped...can't remember what show. Then some manager wants to know who authorized it, um yeah it was him.

    Help looking bad, no thanks got that covered just fine myself. Hopefully the boys got busy playing and forgot about it!

  6. Oh my word. That is painfully funny. Here's to right-sizes in all our futures.