Monday, April 9, 2012

This post is for you, HappyGeek75.

What are your thoughts on parsley? Personally I don't care for it. However, I do have strong opinions about cilantro. I LOVE cilantro. LOVE! Like Oprah loves when women have muscular arms. Like Gayle loves Oprah. Like Steadman loves when Gayle and Oprah go on a road trip and he gets to hangout by himself (and babysit Oprah's 18 dogs).


Other things I love: BLOGGING. I was in the mood to write this afternoon, but couldn't think of a topic upon which to expound. Thankfully my twitter friend HappyGeek75 suggested a multitude of topics! Consider this a preemptive apology/warning/explanation for what's about to come.

• • • • •

I like my politicians to be nicely coiffed. Not that I would say this out loud. Partially because I don't want to admit how truly shallow I am. Also because I'm not sure that coiffed is a real word.

I don't like it when politicians are spending too much time on their hair.  Maybe Condoleezza Rice should have spent a little less time getting her hair dyed and a bit more time...uh...erm...doing whatever it is that an American Secretary of State is suppose to do. HEY! I'm Canadian, my ignorance of the American political system is 100% acceptable. The same excuse doesn't apply to Sarah Palin. Yes, she has nice hair, but she's also shockingly ignorant about politics (and a multitude of other topics). Mitt Romney's hair is pleasing. Just a bit of silver at the temples. It's very distinguished and Mormon-y.

With regards to domestic hairstyles, the title of The Hill's Best Follicles belongs to Liberal MP Justin Trudeau:

Right after this was taken, Justin Trudeau went out and robbed a stage coach and tied a damsel to a railway line. Because that's what men with Old Timey Villainous Facial Hair do for kicks.

• • • • •

If you are looking for names for your newborn son I suggest "Harold." It's so out of fashion, it's in fashion. It avoids the two biggest and over-subscribed trends in baby names for boys (ending in -N, involving low frequency consonants of -Z, -X, -Q, -V, or -K). Plus Hal is a very cool nickname.

• • • • •

I don't like potatoes. Maybe it's because at the genetic level I'm still carrying a grudge about the Irish Potato Famine. Or maybe eating them every day for 20+ years has turned me off potatoes. Either way, I don't often eat them. But if I do, it's because my husband has made one of these three recipes.

• • • • •

The best kind of cheese is the kind of cheese that I have at hand. 

Yes, I'm not very high-minded about cheese. I eat a lot of cheese because I have hypo-glycemia and cheese with an apple is a great way to get my blood sugar to level off. Ergo I have a medical excuse to eat cheese. MEDICINAL cheese. Cheese HEALS me. I win!

• • • • •

Ever wonder if there any pluses to living in a place where winter lasts 10 months of the year? YES! I only have to contend with mosquitoes, and black flies for the other 2 months of the year. Also: long johns are very sexy.

• • • • •

I don't use Star Wars to teach math. I feel like a failure now. 

• • • • •

Of all the female characters on Star Trek, Kathryn Janeway is my favourite. I loved the results of this poll on

I totally agree. Janeway showed more courage than any of the other captains. Her courage, morals, and goals set the tone for the entire narrative. Also she is the only captain to birth Tom Paris' lizard babies. I hereby crown Kathryn Janeway The Ultimate Female Protagonist of All-Time.


  1. This whole post made me laugh right out loud. I may have clapped a time or two.
    Well done!
    And that picture of Justin Trudeau makes me want to take a razor to parliament hill. Oy.

  2. I haven't read the post that inspired this, but I am happy for it because I love your random thoughts!

  3. Damn, Happy Geek has some good ideas. I need to get her to give me some ideas too.

    Is it wrong to wish I had a condition that made it necessary for me to eat cheese? Because I love cheese.

    Justin Trudeau makes me all stabby. Remember that old Simpsons episode? "I said shave those sideburns, hippie!" "I don't know what you mean by sideburns but..." "I said SHAVE THEM."

  4. Old-Timey Villainous facial hair FTW! I'm rolling - ROLLING.

    You and Nicole (with her 'cheese is my lover' tag on her cooking blog) and cheese would make a great threesome.

    My best line at my last book club was something about how sharks don't get any sympathy because of their teeth and their 'dead Stephen Harper eyes'.

  5. Justin Trudeau makes me throw up in my mouth just a little. I mean, he does know he's 40 and not living in the Old West, right?

    This post killed me. I think HappyGeek should make us all lists on random things we can blog about.