Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Butterfly Effect Is To Blame For This Chaotic Post.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to blog about insects or bugs, I'd  be -- WAIT A MINUTE!? No one has ever asked me to increase the creepy crawly content of my blog. That's crazy. And rather insulting. For the bugs.

Now I'm rethinking my plans for this post. The prudent thing -- in terms of increasing my visitor stats -- would be to tailor my content to mirror the search terms people use to arrive here. This weekend someone popped in by searching for "men showing crotch bulges." Finally -- something to mention in my university alumni profile.

I'll try and photograph and/or wax eloquent about bulgy crotches tomorrow, for now here are photos of the caterpillars that are presently living IN my house:

This is from two weeks ago.

These are from two days ago:

While composing this post someone came to my blog searching for "the many hairs of janeway." I don't know what this means, but I do know that "The Many Hairs of Janeway" would be an excellent name for my all-Moog-synthesizer band.


  1. Ooooh, they're going to be BUTTERFLIES.

    Someone came to my blog via "Male Objectification." Actually, more than one person did that. Usually I get some visitors via some kind of skanky stripping thing, or for "black boots".

  2. aw, so fuzzy!! also, I often look at the search results that get people to my blog and go "uuuhhhhhh" or "aw shit, that's totally NOT what I meant" (those were mostly about the post where my 3 year old was saying "daddy's naked!" when he was in swim trunks and I somehow mentioned her also calling his boxers panties in that same post and then people searching for things like "pictures of naked little girls and daddy's panties" started showing up in my search results)

  3. also, did you buy caterpillars or just go collect a few fuzzies you saw crawling around?

    1. We bought them! I guess I could wrangle some feral caterpillars but I'd have to wait till the weather warms up (it's still getting below zero at night) and it's easy to keep these ones fed and hydrated with the prepared food (that's the yellow lump in the photos).