Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mad For Science.

Dear Blog Friends,

Next Tuesday -- and the Tuesday after that -- please remind me to check on the worm jars Zarf and Klaxon set up yesterday. Science investigations are only worthwhile endeavours if we remember to check on our results.

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In January I followed through with my stated goal of FINALLY buying a magazine subscription for my sons.

I bought dig, an archaeology magazine for kids. We've received four editions so far and the boys have enjoyed every one. I was concerned that it would be too America-centric for us. It does assume  the readers know imperial measurements (as Canadians, we are only fluent in metric) and are familiar with US geography and history (a minor matter since my extensive viewing of American television has given me the basics), but it definitely does not have Rah-Rah-Rah-God-Bless-America! overtones and covers a wide array of international sites and global history.

I also ordered a Canadian-published science magazine: YES Mag. In April it occurred to me that we'd still not seen a single copy. I tried sending an email to the subscription "department." When that was bounced, I check the website:
Fuck. They shut down FIVE DAYS after taking my money.

I called Visa. Alas, more than 89 days, the allotted time for a cardholder to raise a dispute with a vendor, had passed since I gave Peter Piper Publishing my $27.94. They can't help me.

Is there any recourse? Have any other subscribers to YES Mag or Know (its sister publication) been given refunds? Has YES Mag's parent company Mad Science Group (a Montreal-based franchise company that hosts science-themed education parties and presentations) offered anyone compensation? Want to recommend a science magazine for kids?


  1. We (used to, apparently) get Know. But not anymore, I guess. I have not been contacted nor offered compensation, unsurprisingly. So I cannot recommend a science mag, as I actually LIKED and recommended (maybe to you? Sorry!) Know. FUCK THAT.

  2. I wasn't contacted either, so I emailed Mad Science Group corporate HQ and requested a refund. They emailed back with all the information they say they need to process such a refund, and claim that the refund will be processed as quickly as possible. I'll cross my fingers... Here's the email contact you could try: Nancy Delorme -

  3. I got my full subscription refund back on my credit card today. Thought you might like to know. (I am anonymouse from May 19...)

    1. Excellent! Good for you. And thank you for posting the email address. I haven't heard back yet -- fingers crossed!

  4. If they don't answer emails, you could try calling. Their contact info is on their website:

  5. The Legal Department of Peter Piper Publishing Inc.November 28, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    Please be advised that Peter Piper Publishing Inc. ceased operations in February 2012. As of December 1, 2012, Peter Piper Publishing Inc. is no longer in a position to issue refunds. We thank you for your past patronage and support and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.