Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Of All Days.

My Mother's Day involved a little bit of gardening, a little bit of canoeing, a good deal of relaxing and zero cooking.

Not a bad day overall. 

Oh -- and I called my mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day.  

What did you do?

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[ This creek is a 10-minute drive from our house. ] 

[ Winter hasn't quite ceded it's grip on the lake. ]

[ Mr Wrath and the boys gave me new deck chairs
The chairs bring a touch of class to the yard, but
make my spool table look even shabbier than usual. ]


  1. Shabby chic, baby. Shabby chic.

  2. Went swimming with the kids (because it's unnaturally warm and sunny here right now - woohoo!), finally vacuumed about 1,000 lbs of cracker crumbs out of my car, read on the hammock, and didn't cook or clean anything. Evidently, I need to be independently wealthy because I'd like never to have to cook or clean anything again.

  3. I really like your spool table - and now I want a green spool table!

  4. The orange canoe! My day was good. It was HOT here, like 24 degrees! It was a Mother's Day miracle! I did some gardening.

  5. Have I told you this...I had a spool table growing up, not painted mind you. I thought my Mom was so strange with her inventive ideas, ahead of her time apparently! Glad you had a nice day.

  6. What a great day. Love the canoe pics and, like everyone else, the spool table!