Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Light Up My Life.

My Victoria Day long weekend was notable for several reasons:

1. it did not snow,
2. no one on my street had a raucous party, and
3. I used spray paint for the first time.

Here's what my lamp looked like prior to Sunday morning:

(Please note: the lamp is straight. It's the floors that are crooked.)

Ten years ago we moved to this town and rented a tiny townhouse. On the first night we realized there were no light fixtures in the dining room and living room.  We had packed only the bare essentials, leaving 90% of our belongings in our old house while it was on the market. The bare essentials did not include a lamp. Mr Wrath bought this one the following day on his way home from work.

I hated it. It was a lacklustre grey with orange paint sponged-on to create an "antique" finish. After the old house sold (7 months later) and we bought our current place, the lamp was relocated to the basement. It was used as extra lighting when we were painting rooms, or was stored in the utility room. I kept meaning to send it to the town's thrift store.

Then last summer we became cat owners. The delicate, candlestick lamp in our living room kept getting knocked over by our boisterous kitten(s). Out it went, and the ugly-but-not-tippy torchiere came back up stairs. That's when I noticed that the cast iron base had an art-deco look to it.

I decided to paint it. Mr Wrath wanted green. I wanted blue. So we compromised, and did it my way. (HAHAHA! I guaranteed my husband is not going to find that last bit funny.) Afterward he did concede that he liked the TARDIS blue I'd picked out:

What do you think?

What should I spray paint next?


  1. I love it! Very nice. Blue beats green anytime.

    1. I agree. Plus the only greens I could find were John Deere green (that was the actual name -- huh?) and forest green. FOREST GREEN!?! Obviously that can was a left over from the mid 90s.

  2. But there isn't a song for Tardis Blue!

  3. Nicely done. Blue is my favorite color and I am especially fond of royal blue. Now I want to go paint something!

  4. That looks great, spray paint who knew!