Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Fun Time Socks! (This is a placeholder title until I can think of something UN-non sequitur).

Last week was crazy. I had two big deadlines:
- to submit proof of learning and an anecdotal report to Zarf and Klaxon's distributed learning school, and 
- to pack and transport myself and the boys to the camp for a retreat hosted by the school.

I met the first one with a minimal amount of blood, sweat, tears and cursing. In fact, I was three days early. However, I was 30 minutes late for the latter deadline. I consider it a major victory that we made it at all. Highway driving is not something I do very often, and I have never done a solo road trip with the boys. Plus it was pouring rain for the entire 200 kilometers of our journey. 

Camp was a blast. I had reservations because Mr Wrath wasn't able to attend this year and he is the FUN Parent when it comes to outdoorsy activities. I am the FUN Parent when it comes to watching television or stalking Star Trek actors or impulse buying things at the mall. Which is why on the way home we stopped at a toy store and spent a $100 on Playmobil stuff. Then we popped into a hippy-dippy health food store and I treated myself to these: 

Please note that I am not modelling these Birkenstocks -- which I wear exclusively as indoor slippers --  because my big toe nail has still not recovered from last year's homeschooling camp experience. The only injury I sustained this year was a bruise on my ass thanks to the zipline staff not explaining how to "land." But the group of homeschooling moms -- and their kids -- and the school staff at this year's camp were so much FUN. I think I may have had more fun than the boys. 

We are definitely going back next year. Though I am unsure about letting Mr Wrath tag along. And I might just leave the kids at home, too. 


  1. OMG did you also buy patchouli?

    Those are orange - they are perfect for you! You match your canoe! The weekend sounds very fun. I've always wanted to zipline - was it fun other than the ass bruising?

    1. The girl at the hippy dippy store was completely what I expect someone at a hippy dippy store to be like.

      I picked up that sandal and said I'd like to try it in a 38. She went in the back and came out 5 minutes later. "You wanted this in a 38, right?"

      I nodded.

      "But this is a 38." she said in an awe-filled voice.

      "I'd like to try on a pair of them -- not just one." I answered.

      "That. makes. sense." And she went back to the stock room and took another hit off her bong.

  2. Love the yellow birks!

    Camp sounds so fun. I think I am the fun camping parent of my marriage, Hubs is city boy. (But don't tell him I said so.)

    1. I have problems differentiating between smothering and neglecting when it comes to outdoorsy stuff. So the constant worry and vigilance makes me appear moody. Really I'm just sleepy.

  3. Goodness now I am really left out, my Mom has the same pair in silver, but she wears them everywhere! She has been wearing them for years and swears by them...I am nervous to drop a lot of money if I am not sure I will like them. Yours rock, the orange is it you will wear them out of the house. ;) You know what my indoor slippers are (Crocs) they are on my feet from the minute I get up until I go to bed. Maybe this will be the year I give the birks a try.

    I think an adult only camp (not a weirdo thing) just fun stuff for camp sounds fab.

    1. The first few days Birks are painful. But once the suede sole gets softened and the cork molds to your shape -- they're heavenly. I justify the outrageous cost because I do spend about 18 hours a day in them.

  4. I have these (Florida model?) Birks in Navy