Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rocking the Garden.

It's not raining today. It's suppose to be. In fact, it was suppose to be rainy and cold and miserable all week long. Instead it's not rainy (though there are dark clouds out to the southwest), it's warm-ish (I might dig out the one pair of shorts that I like!), and the only thing miserable is my attitude. 

Last week was beautiful. For the North. This is to say: it was almost 20ÂșC and sunny but the bugs were vicious. And I spent three hours every day getting my front flower beds in shape:

They look so nice! Actually now that I'm looking at the last photo it occurs to me that I need to pull some weeds from between the patio bricks.

A week of being housebound because of inclement weather sounded like the perfect excuse for me to NOT continue on with the grunt labour of dealing with my problematic backyard vegetable garden (I'm leaning toward downsizing the plot and putting in more perennials). Surely I had earned a week of reading trashy books, watching Netflix, complaining about my summer cold and faffing about with the sewing machine,  and finishing up the boys' math books, after a week of lifting rocks, pulling roots, amending beds with goat manure?

Instead it's sunny -- but buggy -- out.

But no fear: it's suppose to be rainy NEXT week. When we're on vacation. Of. Course.


  1. Of course! Bah. Maybe they will be wrong again about the weather. We are having a crazy heat wave...high temps and humidity. Had to spend the evening in the school gym last night, girls were in the talent show. I'm sure I melted down at least one size.

    Any vacation plans?

    1. If I could be guaranteed to lose weight, I MIGHT agree to hang out in a school gym. Maybe...okay, not at all. That sounds torturous.

      We're headed to the coast -- the north coast. The ocean. YAY! We'll be wearing gumboots and sweaters. BOOOOOO!