Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chill out.

Inspired by a comment made yesterday by Melanie on my I-hate-the-heat post, I sought out images of cold snowy winter days.

I really do love winter clothes.

Scarves are sexyyyyyyyy!

Same for toques.

Danger! Snow! Speed! Tobogganing!

Hugh Jackman wants to have a snowball fight with you. Then he'll take you home:

He'll make you cocoa and cookies and cuddle with you while you read a good book:

Looking at these photos gave me some valuable perspective. That it is raining didn't hurt either. But it does make me appreciate that very soon I will be romanticizing summer. 


  1. This gives me such peace. I'm no huge fan of winter, but in this heat wave, I am craving some snow. (Especially if it includes that part with the snowball fight, cocoa, and cookies!!)

    THANKS for this cool post.

  2. Hugh Jackman is welcome to throw snowballs at me any time...

  3. STOP IT. I love Canada as a country, but weather-wise I wish I was a California girl. Or gurrl. I'm going to go live with Mary LUE someday. Ssssh. Don't tell her. It's going to be a surprise!

  4. So refreshing...I feel cooler already. Remind me when my fingers are freezing off while I am trying to buckle a car seat next January.