Friday, July 6, 2012

Gossip Time! Last Friday was Katie Holmes' personal Independence Day.

A few weeks ago I read a comment on a gossip site criticizing people for deciding to boycott a movie or television because of the personal views or actions of an actor. I disagree. If I don't like an actor (ie Mel Gibson whose proven himself to be misogynistic anti-Semite) or a director (ie convicted child rapist Roman Polanski) than I will not fund their aberrant behaviour by being in the audience for their shows or movies.

This is the case with any and all Scientologists. Looking through Tom Cruise's imdb page, I've not seen anything he's made since 1999's Eyes Wide Shut. Which was awful, by the way.  This is why -- now that Katie Holmes is leaving this cult and that marriage -- I watched The Romantics yesterday during a brief interlude between reading online "news" about the divorce. It was an act of solidarity, my little way of showing my support for a Xenu-free Katie. I was feeling generous so I gave it four out of five stars. I enjoyed it,  but it's a deeply flawed movie that with a little tweaking could have been -- AND should have been -- much better. Katie was actually the best thing about the movie. She was very good. Unlike Anna Paquin who was awful. AWFUL. Why does she still have a career? Based on everything she's done in the past 10 years, should she forfeit her Oscar?


Hold up.

I've gotten distracted. I was not intending to review the movie (which wasted the talents of Candice Bergen), but to express my opinions about the Katie Holmes Divorces Tom Cruise "news" story.

When I told my husband about Katie filing divorce papers, he responded, "Good for her." Exactly. This is one of the few times when divorce is seen by the majority of people as a GOOD thing. It's good for Katie. It's good for Suri. It's good for everyone who is not yet aware that Scientology is a mind control cult believes we all carry with us the spirits of billions of people killed 75 million years ago when an evil alien dictator named Xenu detonated nuclear weapons in a volcano.

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Here are some articles I've enjoyed about this "news" story:

Everything on Celebitchy.

How Katie was cast to play Tom Cruise's wife

Sources: Nicole Kidman avoiding friends, won't speak about ex Tom Cruise's divorce from Katie Holmes

This Vanity Fair piece from last year: The Apostate Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.

Photos of Sea Org's Gold Base. If it weren't for all the crazy floating around that compound, it would be a nice place to visit.

Here are some more...

Pinching, purification and finding The Bridge to Total Freedom: Inside a very sinister induction at the Scientology HQ

David Miscavige: A cult figure in the fame game

Grieving mother rips Scientology; understands why Katie Holmes wants out

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I also found some speculation about who is really Suri's father. The basis for this is that Cruise is infertile since the first two Mrs Cruises (Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman) didn't have children with him, but gave birth to babies with subsequent partners. Also because Suri doesn't look Tom. I don't have any comment on the first theory, I heartily agree with the second.

Know who Suri looks like? This guy:

He's Tommy Davis, a Scientology big-wig whose mother is the actress Anne Archer. Tommy's wife was close friends with Katie during her romance with Tom Cruise.

I think Tommy Davis is mad in this photo because he wants ice cream.

Do you think it's plausible?

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Fun with figures:

Mimi Rogers was born in 1956. Nicole Kidman was born in 1967. Katie Holmes was born in 1978. All three women's marriages to Cruise ended when they were 33.

Can we assume that the next Mrs Cruise was born in 1989? Is there a 23 year old future-Mrs Cruise out there who wants to pencil in a divorce for 2022?


  1. I am so very creeped out by the implication of Tom being not-the-father...I can't even...ew...grosssssss....cults....this bean looks like the leader...I shall call it Leader Bean (Simpsons quote, no, I have not been drinking).

    I know a few 23 year olds. Shall I ask around?

    I'm so grossed out. The ticker on our local "news" said "Tom Cruise celebrates lonely 50th birthday"

    1. I don't know if Katie will "win" in the divorce, but she's kicking ass in the public relations war.

  2. I also boycott works by people that have done things I think are despicable because I really don't feel like giving them even a single $. Roman Polanski leaps immediately to mind. Woody Allen has also made my list and good old Mel Gibson. I figure these people will continue to get work as long as other people pay to see things made by or including them, so I can only do my part to ensure that happens less.

    1. Exactly. Plus when I look at Mel Gibson now I just can't forget the horrible things he said to his daughter's mother. Also I can not get passed his ears. When did they get so HUGE?!

  3. So I guess you really can't watch My Name Is Earl.

    1. Nope -- but I wasn't even tempted. Was it good?

  4. I'm intrigued by the whole situation. I grew up (I think? What years was Dawson's Creek on the air? maybe I was already grown up, but you know what I mean) loving Katie Holmes as Joey. She's one year younger that I. I think she is wonderful (Pre-Tom, but I also loved him Pre-Tom). I hope that she continues on this path of sanity. It pleases me. Which is very important.

    1. I'm so proud of her. She's much smarter than I suspected!

  5. My husband said, "took her long enough."

    I did not even think that he wasn't the father. So gross. If that's true, is your position that Katie KNOWS or was an unwitting, erm, vessel?

    I boycott some people too. Generally, when I see actors giving opinions on politics or world events, I think, "these people should not talk without a script." And it changes my whole view of them.

    I have never heard of Celebitchy, but it sounds like my kind of place. Off to check it out...

    1. Oooh. Good question. I'm leaning toward "she knew" mostly because I don't want to cast KH as anymore of a victim. I wonder if the trump card (because they've already hammered out a final divorce agreement!) that made TC give in entirely was the threat of disclosure about the girl's paternity?