Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Blogging About My Cats. AGAIN. With A Cursory Mention of Famous People. And Flagrant Overuse of Hyphens.

Wilford Brimley is not dead.

That's good news. For Wilford Brimley.

But it's bad news for me because I can not carry through with my plan to announce my cat is the reincarnated soul of Wilford Brimley. I guess it's a good thing that I did some fact checking -- I wouldn't want to start one of those internet memes about a celebrity being dead.

(FYI -- Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jonathan Brandis, Princess Diana, Johnny Cash, Dick Clark AND Charlie Sheen a whole whack of other people are dead.)

 But this does leave me without an appropriate hook to explain the personality of my cat who is now one year old1. We celebrated his birthday -- and Canada's Birthday! -- today by giving him salmon for dinner. I find it amazingly satisfying to give my cats fish. This must be a Newfoundlander-thing.



Osiris -- like the not-dead Wilford Brimley -- tends to present a grumpy and aloof demeanour in public. Osiris -- like the still-living Wilford Brimley -- has a robust set of whiskers.

Of course the similarities end about there. Unless still-breathing Wilford Brimley enjoys sitting in confined spaces (ie the picnic cooler) and/or chasing Ezri around the house.

I've found Osiris' tendency to behave like an irascible old man when he was REALLY a kitten off-putting. Underneath that curmudgeonly exterior lies a big sooky baby who curls up every night with my sons to kneed and suckle their mink fur blankets for hours on end. [DISCLAIMER: Wilford Brimley DOES NOT engage in this behaviour. At least not in my house.] Osiris tolerates my affection with nary a bite. Usually. He likes to curl up under the blankets with me. He comes when I call his name. He greets us at the door. Because underneath the mustache and the grumpiness -- he loves us. And we love him.  And now that he's an adult-cat, it'll be easier to explain to people why he acts like an asshole sometimes.

I'm still going to force my affections on him whenever I get a chance. Ditto for not-a-corpse Wilford Brimley.

º º º º º º º º º º º º

 1 -- We don't really know when Osiris was born. The vet estimated he was born in early July, and filled in July 1st as his birthdate for the clinic's records. I didn't expect we'd honour that date. The boys had other plans.


  1. FACT: Wilford Brimley & I have the same birthday. Not the year, obviously.

    FACT: Wilford Brimley loves cockfighting. The roosters, I assume.

    I'm really sad you didn't tie these facts into this post somehow. How does Osiris feel about September 27th & cocks? Maybe they have even more in common.

    Happy birthday, Osiris!

    1. Osiris licks his cock ALL THE TIME. Is that close enough?

    2. This exchange just made my day at work 100% better. Thanks!

  2. Oooh, Wilford Brimley. OATMEAL ANYONE?

    The cat is very cute, even if he is a curmudgeon.

  3. Happy Birthday. Now go tell your Mommy you loooovveee her.

  4. Osiris' eyes in the picnic cooler pictures are very pretty. Don't tell him I said so, he'll just get a big head.