Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Trip!

At the end of June we packed up the kids and the car and went on a little mini-break. For as long as I've known Mr Wrath he's wanted to visit Bella Coola. For as long as I've known Mr Wrath I have resisted the notion because I've heard the "highway" is crazy. 

It is:

This is from a section of the road known as The Hill which leads from the Chilcotin Plateau through the coast mountains to sea level. It's gravel and very steep, but well-maintained. Though I'd have preferred a few more guard rails. Especially at rest stops that most mothers would describe as unrestful:

This was the view from one of the B&Bs we stayed in:

We did some exploring and hiking.

This hike started with a pleasant stroll along a boardwalk but very soon became less civilized and more painful.

We saw some wildlife:

This is taken from the car using the zoom lens. I'm not crazy enough to dawdle when there are bears about. They have big paws, and bigger teeth.

We also encountered a rough-skinned newt. It is the most poisonous amphibian in the Pacific Northwest. We did not know this before we let the kids pick it up.

This was the least deadly creature we saw:

It's a banana slug!

We've been home a week. We're still not completely unpacked.


  1. I don't think I could ever drive on those roads. I suppose if my life depended upon it. Otherwise, no. I don't even like driving on the interstate in the mountains by my in-laws' home.

    1. I couldn't drive them either. I let my husband take the steering wheel while I screamed in horror. And took photos.

  2. 1) It's SO beautiful! Thank you for posting pics!!
    2) That road would make me pee my pants
    3) We've been back since June 29th and there are still suitcases half unpacked in my bedroom.

    That is all.

  3. That road... oh my god. I'm pretty tough about bad roads but those would give me the screaming heebie-jeebies.

    Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with everyone...those roads! Glad you had a nice trip though.

  5. Banana slug!! I had a tape when I was little with an AWESOME banana slug song on it. And your poisonous newt is very exciting, although the bear is a little less impressive as I've had to stop and wait for one crossing the (slightly less terrifying than your highway, mostly because it has guardrails) road while driving to work on two separate occasions this season.

    Also, nice mountains :-)

  6. Marty, I think we had that same tape! How did it go?

    I had never heard of Bella Coola but now I want to go. Soooo gorgeous! I can handle the road if you can. I have friends in Williams Lake, sort of (ok, friends of my brother but we're FB friends so that totally counts). I'm wondering how they will react to a phone call, announcing we're on our way :)

    1. We stayed in Williams Lake on our way there and back. It's a very nice little town with a good cross section of BC's industry: ranching, farming, tourism, mining and forestry. If you get there, I'll come visit you!

  7. It looks like a very cool trip. Although, the highway. It makes me think of R's grandpa - he had come to Canada from Slovakia when he was 15, worked in Sask for a long time, decided to ditch the prairies and drove to the Okanagon. In the thirties. I always thought the mountain roads probably looked a lot like those pictures. And he was, apparently, a very poor driver. Aiee.

    I have a compulsion to immediately unpack every single thing when we get home from a trip. It's really annoying to the people who live with me.

  8. All looks like a great place to vacation - except the roads. Unrestful rest stop indeed. The thought of even letting my 3 YO out of the car there gives me hives. MY son would be over the moon if we went somewhere he could pick up newts and see bear (from far, far away...)

  9. I keep trying to comment on blogs and realizing that I have nothing to say but stupid stuff because, drugs, slow brain, dizzy, not smart. Great pictures.

  10. Just looking at that road is giving me a panic attack.