Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warp Speed (not) Wednesday: William T. Riker. The T is for Terribly-Dapper and/or Terrifically-Sexy.

The second in command of the Enterprise-D (aka Picard's starship in Star Trek: The Next Generation) was William T. Riker.

Since publishing a post last year that used the terms "naked" (as in The Naked Now) and "Jonathan Frakes" (the man who portrayed Riker on tv and in the movies) I have received almost daily visits from people looking for photos of Jonathan Frakes in his nudie pants. 

I decided it behooved me to seek out and post at least one naked photo of Jonathan Frakes. Not that I go in for that kind of thing. I'm more of a "strong arms," "sparkling wit," "full patrician beard" girl. But to each his own. 

Sadly -- for some -- I did not find a single photo of Jonathan Frakes in his birthday suit. I did find some other great photos, however.

The pre-Star Trek years:

Beard-free William T. Riker (first season):


The glorious beard years (seasons 2 - 7):


My favourite photo, from the movies:

This concludes today's session of Nan Uses Google Image Search To Further Her Own Ridiculous/Deviant Agenda. Thanks for reading.


  1. I think my first real crush was on Mr. William T. Riker.

    Also, the other day at work a guy with a striking resemblance to Wolverine full on *winked* at me. My coworkers were not appropriately appreciative of how awesome this was, but I suspect you may be able to understand the hunky facial hair geeky hero love a little more.

    1. WOLVERINE!?!? WINKED AT YOU?! I am quite jealous now.

  2. My wife (also a Nan!) just tried to convince me that "naked Johnathan Frakes" is a "thing"...googling to find out led me here!! I'm eager to poke around your site!