Thursday, August 16, 2012

From the state that brought you "Big Love:"

Do you think this looks like labia? 

Or would it be more accurate to say it looks like a vulva?

I can't decide and my husband -- in whose engineering journal I found this photo -- is being zero help with the matter.

Labial or vulvic -- let me know.


  1. Vulva. Although I don't think I'm much of an expert, as I haven't exactly made a profession of studying them....

    1. You've just given me a great idea on how to get Mr Wrath invested in this debate.

      Or maybe it would be easier to look at Georgia O'Keeffe paintings on line.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree. Though I think "labia" has more comic potential.

  3. Yes. Yes I do. And furthermore, I think a lot of things look like vulvas. Like some cables on cabled sweaters or scarves. Why do boy-part-looking things get to be called "phallic?" How come girl-part-looking things don't get a synonym? You don't know how often I see a sweater and want to compare it to girly-bits without having to say the word labia. It's quite inconvenient.