Friday, August 17, 2012

¡Yo Quiero Spell Check!

Whenever I see a chihuahua I'm concerned one of their buggy eyes is going to shoot out of their skull and ricochet around the room. Anyone else have this fear? NO? Just me then. Okay. Lets move along...

Is anyone surprised that chihuahuas are very popular pets? There are many ads online for this breed. Like this one:

Do you see a dog with a "crazy fun personality" who is a "super fun bundle of joy?" Or do you see a tiny, scared dog about to take a dump in that lady's hand? I don't get the appeal of chihuahuas. Sure they look cute in dresses, but what dog doesn't?

Lots of people love chihuahuas and they will not let their inability to spell "chihuahuas" temper that love.

In that person's defense, they are only looking to adopt/buy a chihuaha. It's much more annoying when the word is misspelled by someone whose home-based business is breeding chihuahuas :

When this breeder introduces his chiwawa dogs to potential buyers, he probably says "Wah-LAH." Because only fancy snobs (ie those who breed POODLES) say "Voilà." 

Here's another breeder who will not let Spanish phonics stand in their way of loving Chihauhau  puppies:

 I'm not surprised this woman can't spell chihuahua since "purebred" is also beyond her grasp: 

I can't decide if my favourite part is the way she anthropomorphizes her pur breed chiwawa as a "kid," or makes passive-aggressive digs at her human children. She is getting rid of "one of the most beautiful animals [she's] ever owned" because she has three kids and no time for dog cuddling! Those assholes. Now I am "sad a depressed."

This owner loves their dogs and hates punctuation:

Is that dog's name suppose to be Magnum? That would be brilliant. Check out the pseudo-stache on his muzzle! 

By the way, the only person cool enough to get away with "thanx," is Thomas Magnum. Everyone else should just commit to typing out both the -k and the -s. 

º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º 

Oh, yeah. That's the money shot, baby.


  1. $500-1000 for dog...I can't quite wrap my brain around that!

    Have you ever seen Beverly Hills Chihuahuas? There's two hours of 'em...lots of 'em. And they TALK. Sad to say I think I've also seen the sequel.

  2. OOOOH, MAGNUM. Chest hair. Rawr.

    I love those ads. My butterdish says wallah. Other random things: chihuahuas (chiwawas) freak me the fuck out. Any dog that small, I'm worried I'll step on it and crush it to death, or that a bird will mistake it for a rodent and peck it to death in the backyard, or that if I had a dog like that I would suddenly be someone who carries it around in a little bag and me and the dog would be wearing matching outfitst/ hair accessories. THIS WOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN. Then I would be drinking a bellini or something with my dog while we wore our matching dresses and hair bows and we would be sharing our food and drinks and kissing each other on the mouth and then the dog would be dead from alcohol poisoning because I fed it an eyedropper full of bellini. And then, wallah, I would feel really sad a depresed.

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  4. Dogs are like underwear, the less of it you buy the more it costs. You practically get paid to take a normal sized mutt, while the teeny tiny sized Wawa (or Chuchu, I'm not picky) dog is a solid grand.

  5. Too distracted by forests of Magnum chest hair to formulate a coherent comment...

  6. As I am both a cat and a dog person, I have never really understood the need for a very small dog. If I want something small(ish) and fuzzy I can carry around, I go with one of our cats. Dogs are larger animals intended for barking, scaring would-be burglers, playing fetch, wrestling, and running around the yard without fear of stepping on them and causing serious bodily injury.

  7. I used to feel exactly the same about chihuahuas.... (long pause while I check, double-check and triple-check my spelling and still feel vaguely insecure), but my mother-in-law's husband's daughter (got that?) has one and after a few days at the cottage with it I was won over - but it wasn't yappy, which I always think they must be. People who post ads with deplorable spelling and grammar? I still hate them.

  8. Literally laughed out loud at this post. And the comments! Pure gold! I sympathize with Nicole. On some level, aren't we all terrified we'll turn into Paris Hilton?

    While we are on the subject of "thanx," can we also agree that grown people should not use emoticons? Or punctuation masquerading as emoticons? I swear, if I see another misused Less Than symbol, I am going to freak out.

    (now mildly worried I misspelled masquerading. alas, too lazy to double check)