Sunday, September 9, 2012

Once More WITH FEELING! Homeschool curriculum list.

We not only met all the goals I'd laid out for our first week of homeschooling, we exceeded them.  Mind you, my only objective was for Klaxon and Zarf to wake up early (8 AM) and get to bed early (10 PM). Additionally they finished off last year's math books, took a spelling test, and listened while I read a novel. I've learned to keep expectations low and start out slow when it comes to homeschooling.

For our fifth year I've barely bought any new resources. But here's how the year is shaping up:

We're sticking with JUMP Math supplemented by games and manipulatives.

Spanish lessons will be done on-line. The boys will be doing spelling on-line, reading a loud every day and continuing to write several times a week. They love writing almost as much as I do. 

I'm still undecided upon what direction to take social studies.

I have high hopes for "How to Survive Teaching Health." My greatest lament about using the British Columbia's Distributed Learning System is having to supply proof that I taught the boys formal health lessons. ACK!!! I make them eat vegetables, isn't that enough?!

Guess what's Zarf and Klaxon's favourite subject? Here's a hint:

As with last year, I'll use the Science A Closer Look texts as a spine for our studies, and supplement with the other resources.

This weekend was our town's leisure fair and we've fleshed out the physical education and performing arts components of the year. We bought our membership for the x-country ski club and signed the boys up for lessons starting in February. Zarf is back in speed skating twice a week. Both boys will be in the skill maintenance program for their swim team. I hope that we can schedule that around their commitment to the musical theatre program and hip hop dance practice. Starting next week we also have dog obedience classes on Saturdays.

 In short: I'm going to be spending all my time at the rec. centre until spring time.


  1. Two eye colors!!!! Love that! I hope things with your pooch get world's better. Your boys seem under total control. ; )

    And, health. . .I plan to do a month reading health books to the kids and talking puberty b/c, ack, we are CLOSE to living that too.

  2. What a great year taking shape! Funny how health is what does us in.

  3. Man, your schedule makes mine look easy. Good luck and have fun!

  4. What you're doing is just awesome! Good luck on your busy schedule! What I love about homeschooling is us greater control over the education of our children. Plus it's more economical!

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