Thursday, September 20, 2012

There are THREE socks. Where is the missing one?

Over the weekend, my husband put up a clothesline in our backyard. Now I can do laundry, peasant-style.

Two years ago our original clothesline came down in a wind storm and for almost this entire time Mr Wrath and I have been debating where to put the replacement. Was this spot too shady? Was this one too sunny? Was there enough ground clearance here? Was it too close to the compost pile? Would the new neighbours mind seeing my unmentionables flapping in the wind? Would it be better to put up a zipline instead of a clothesline? And so on.

Just in time to air out the winter bedding, Mr Wrath agreed to put some holes in the side of his shed.

Also on the weekend the whole family (minus the cats) drove to the top of the mountain overlooking our town and launched paper lanterns. It was almost exactly like the scene in Tangled. Except for me holding my breath, dreading that they were going to crash to the ground, set the forest on fire, and lead to the entire destruction of our town.

Plus, we only had 2.

So really, it was nothing at all like the movie.


  1. I think maybe clotheslines are 'illegal' in our neighborhood. Which makes me angry right this minute. I want one too!! Oh and the three socks? I never have the right number of socks or matching pairs. It drives my mom nuts. When she is here, I sometimes find her just trying to match up socks because it makes her that crazy. It's something about growing up in a house of seven kids and having the chore of sorting the sock box.

    1. Our town has a bylaw prohibiting clotheslines, too. But I called the municipal office and they said they'd only enforce the law if they clotheslines are on your front lawn AND block sight lines for drivers. I'm sure there is some crazy story justifying the creation of the law.