Sunday, October 7, 2012

Giving Thanks (for bargains).

On Wednesday I stopped by the hospital auxiliary thrift store and bought this:

It was a real steal at $1. And I would know since the first time I bought it, I paid $5.

That was 6 years ago at the community garage sale. When I brought it home, I discovered the silver plating was so badly tarnished that it couldn't be salvaged. My husband spray painted it black and it became the centerpiece for many a holiday dinner. But the novelty wore off. Last spring it wound up in a charity box that we dropped off at the aforementioned thrift store.

Then on Tuesday Klaxon asked if we could buy some ornamental corn for our Thanksgiving dinner table. I agreed not realizing he'd planned to utilize the now-donated pedestal tray until we got home and he asked where the tray was stored.


When I spotted the tray at the thrift store the next day, I was pretty happy. I told the tale to the volunteer at the counter and she said it was unlikely it had been on site the entire time. Thank you, person who purchased and then redonated my pedestal tray, I've now declared it a family heirloom.

True to his word, Klaxon featured it in the centerpiece for our (Canadian) Thanksgiving meal:

 The theme was Orange Stuff We Gathered Up Around the House.

Please note that in the end Klaxon didn't have room for his ornamental corn, so he tucked it underneath the tray.


  1. Replies
    1. It's charming in an anti-Martha Stewart way.

  2. Orange stuff we found around the house! How very festive. :-)

    I always forget that ya'll give thanks before Halloween up there. Was there brined turkey at your feast?

    1. Mr Wrath cooked the turkey in an Ethiopian berbere spice mix. It made for a really lovely gravy.

  3. This is the perfect Thanksgiving story to match your unique centrepiece (with RE since you celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving). Long live the black tray!!!