Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Hate (And Will Never Deal With Them AGAIN).

We're throwing a party the Saturday before Halloween. As so often happens when we host a get-together, the guest list keeps expanding and the plans keeping getting grander. There's one small hitch: my kids don't have their costumes yet.

Not by design.

By gross incompetency.

And for once it's not MY gross incompetency that's making my children stressed and tearful.

The blame for this one lies with Costume I placed an order with Costume on September 20, 2012 because I wanted the costumes to arrive well in advance of the party. HAHAHA! The joke's on me!

Since October 2, 2012 the boys' costumes have been sitting in a UPS warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia. When I first contacted Costume, they refused to help me because once a package leaves their warehouse they are done with it and it's all on UPS. Fortunately the people manning the UPS live chat application are much more useful than Danielle W., Amber C., or Jennifer H. who work at  Costume's live chat and who have been spectacularly unhelpful.

The UPS operator told me the package is hanging out in Richmond because Costume hasn't supplied the correct information for it to be cleared through customs. She was not sure why 10 days passed without the retailer (did I mention they are called Costume of 45 Fernwood Avenue, Edison, New Jersey, USA, 08837?) following up with me. I know the answer to this quandary: Costume doesn't give a flying fuck that I don't have my sons' costumes because "when an international order is placed we cannot guarantee it will clear customs in any number of days as that is out of our hands."1 Yeah -- because it's not like the delivery of a Halloween costume is time-sensitive. Does Costume really believe this?  Are their customers suppose to resolve issues getting their purchases through customs? Even when the company  fails to submit the correct paperwork? I don't think so.

Next weekend I will probably have to drive 300 kilometers round trip to the nearest city to purchase costumes to ensure that my children are NOT in tears when they host their friends for a Halloween party the FOLLOWING weekend. Those costumes won't be my sons' first choices. Those costumes will be an expense I didn't anticipate because while Costume can't be bothered to actually deliver the goods, they're pretty fucking speedy processing my credit card for $100, and pretty adamant that I can't get a refund.


But I am going to try.

If the costumes are not here in my hands by October 20, 2012, I will file a fraud complaint against Costume with my credit card company. Do you think that's going to be a trick on me or a treat for me?

• • • • • • • • • •
This quote was taken from today's chat transcript. Compare it with the current banner on Costume

"We Ship to Canada Fast & Cheap" -- ?? Does "fast" have a different meaning in Edison, New Jersey? Maybe -- after all Costume's definition of "customer service" differs from my own.

• • • • • •


On Monday morning a Costume employee called me, apologized and promised my delivery would arrive by Wednesday. 

Five minutes later a UPS employee called me, apologized and promised my delivery would arrive by Friday.

The second caller explained there was nothing wrong with my particular parcel, but instead my box was one of 58 -- YES, FIFTY EIGHT!!! -- packages all coming from Costume on a palette that was stuck in shipping purgatory. Does this mean that there are 57 really laid back, easy going people in British Columbia who weren't at all concerned that their costumes were delayed? WHO ARE THESE WEIRDOES?! Don't they know the power of social media?!

But here's the good news: the package did arrive on WEDNESDAY. HURRAH!



    I know *exactly* how upset your kids are right now. I'm sorry this had to happen to them, and to you - but thank you for the warning.

    1. @Hannah -- the very last question my 10 year old asked before bed "Did that company promise to send me my Dementor costume?" Even though rationally I know that all the blame lies with Costume Super Center, I am feeling guilty. Grr. I hate feeling guilty almost as much as I hate feeling like someone or something took advantage of me.

  2. That just sucks...sorry you have to deal with all that. Go get them.

    1. @Jenifer -- Thanks. Now I'm going to have to stomach a visit to Walmart. Part of my justification for spending $100 with Costume was that I...
      a. wouldn't have to spend gas money to get into the big city to buy costumes, and
      b. not have to subject myself to a visit to Walmart.

      BTW, did you get my email last week? Your email from early August was in my spam folder and I only saw it then. I'm so sorry for inadvertently ignoring you.

  3. What a shitty company. We always order our costumes online and I will be sure to actively avoid this company!

  4. Thanks for the warning! I will make sure to avoid this company for sure!

  5. AUGH! That totally fucking sucks. File that fraud complaint right up their asses. Stuff like this makes me see bloody mist. And I am SO with you on avoiding Wal Mart being worth a hundred bucks, or more.

  6. SAME THING Happened to us !!! I paid $500 for 2 customers with express shipping . 10 days ago and they are not still here. I don't know what to do now cuz the customer service number is not working either. :/

  7. I too ordered a package that I ordered at the beginning of September - I received part of it but after trying for a month to get the rest of the order asked for a refund, needless to say, I'm still waiting! I will NEVER use this company ever again and I'm pleased you have gone to the effort to make this page. I commented on costume supercentre's facebook page, but they have now blocked me and removed my comments!