Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It Means Chuck. (Coming up with titles for my blog posts is the HARDEST part of blogging. Which isn't saying much since blogging isn't exactly rocket science.)

Uma Thurman is driving me crazy. She had a baby back in July, and still hasn't announced the girl's name. There isn't even a RUMOURED name. How is it possible that no one in her extended family or who works in her doctor's office or whose child goes to school with Thurman's older children has leaked this name? C'mon, people! Start gossiping!

I'm particularly interested to know because I suspect that Uma got custody of The Good Tastes In Baby Names upon divorcing Ethan Hawke. The children from their marriage are Maya Ray and Levon Roan. I give these names a thumbs-up. Subsequently Hawke's had two daughters named Clementine and Indiana. Clementine is okay, Indiana is horrible. The father of Thurman's new baby has sons named Arpad Flynn Alexander and Aurelius Cy Andrea. These names are not my style, but they're solid, legitimate names that will not limit the boys' career options. Unlike Indiana.

I find it interesting when a person or couple's taste in baby names changes radically. As Kelly Ripa became famous, her taste in names got weirder. She went from Michael to Lola to Joaquin.

Another example is the former couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Together they have Ava and Deacon. Phillippe has another daughter named Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp.

[Short interlude while I think about Paul Rudd's character Kunu/Chuck in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and laugh at the name Kailani.]

Last month Witherspoon and her new husband welcomed a son. Tennessee Toth. I assume that he came out the birth canal looking a villain from a silent movie. There is no other excuse.


  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  2. Replies

      Maybe it's a family name?

  3. I sort of disagree on the Kelly Ripa thing - her husband is Hispanic, after all -- but that silent movie villain thing is sheer genius.

    1. I remember seeing an episode of Regis & Kelly when Antonio Banderas explained that the nickname for Joaquin was "kee-no," and not Wookiee which is what Mark and Kelly were calling the child.Yeah. WOOKIEE. Ripa was embarrassed and explained that the only thing Spanish about her husband was his last name -- he grew up in Italy and the US.

    2. Hold up - Wookiee? Like, Chewbacca?

      *shakes head in disbelief*

      Oh, celebrities. You are all so wacky.

  4. Once again, you have given me a whole new perspective on the celebrity sitch. I didn't even KNOW Uma Thurman had a baby! WTF, self? Go buy an Us Weekly already.

  5. What is UP with baby names? It is like there is some competition to have the most unique (and by unique I mean words that should not be given to a baby as a name.) baby name. I have met some children with doozie names lately. I just don't get it.