Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Friday!

The very funny, very clever Deb at Not Inadequate writes a Random Monday post every single Monday. She does it EVERY Monday. Yes. EVERY. MONDAY. This astounds me because I often miss posting on Warp Speed Wednesdays entirely or compose a post on Thursday and just back date it. But I do like her idea of Random Monday posts, but not on Mondays because I'm very disorganized on Mondays (also on Wednesdays it would appear). Hence I'm going to try doing them on Fridays. Like this:

• I finished reading "One Day In May," by Catherine Alliott. Here's my review from Goodreads:
The plot was thin and the main character was unsympathetic, but I found it an interesting read. I particularly liked the non-linear narration. The descriptions of the French countryside, the English aristocratic lifestyle and the antiques trade were interesting. Then on page 294 the narrator reveals herself to be a liar. I hate when narrators are untrustworthy because it makes me feel manipulated. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever again bother with a book by this author.

Now I'm onto a new book ("The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton) and I am completely suspicious of every thing all because of the Alliott book. There's no trust anymore.

• In the event of a zombie apocalypse I hope to be one of the first victims. I am just not up for the rugged survivalist life style. Why fight the inevitable? Also: I like showering every day. Rugged survivalists look dusty.

• What is the etiquette of flash mobs? Is audience participation the goal? I thought this was the case, but now I'm seeing very professional flash mobs with tight choreography. There is no way any random person could join in. Check out this one:

• On Facebook, MaryLUE linked to an article about NYU's ‘Replyallcalypse.' This reminded me of when I worked at the University of Alberta and a coworker sent out an email telling other employees about a problem with a database we managed. Her email account was set up so that every time a person opened an email from her, she would get a verification email.  Complete with a PING! sound effect. She'd sent the email to several hundred people. PING! PING! PING! PING! PING!PING!PING! PING!PING!PING!PING! PING!PING!PING!PING!PING!!! 

It was funny for the first 10 minutes. Then it got annoying. Then I got stabby. Then I went deaf.

Fifteen years later, I'm back to thinking it was funny.

• My ten year old heard a Beastie Boys song today. He called it "Old People's Rap Music."

• I gave myself quite a start this morning when I stumbled out bed and caught sight of myself in the mirror. I'd forgotten that I had my haircut yesterday. Now I no longer look like Gary Sandy:

• Lyn (aka HappyGeek75) recommended a recipe for Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. I've made three batches in two days. They are so tasty though it's crazy that there are no eggs in the recipe.

• The other day as we returned home from a walk, I remarked that Fogo is doing really well lately and it's amazing how far she's come. The 8 year old muttered, "Now you've jinxed us."

Not two minutes later I found myself wrestling with Fogo in the backyard trying to pry her jaws open and get a bird out of her mouth. The bird -- like countless other birds before it -- had flown full speed into our south facing bedroom window and died. In the end, I learned:
a. Fogo can swallow a bird whole,
b. Bird legs are not strongly attached to bird bodies and should not be used as leverage, and
c. I totally jinxed us.

Good thing she's cute. In a scary Borg-eye kind of way.

Happy Friday!


  1. There is nothing that says "dog ownership" like pulling a half-chewed corpse out of the beast's mouth while it either fights you, or gives you sad "why are you taking my treat?" eyes.

  2. Ugh Reply All is the bane of my work existence. I work for the federal government and there are a LOT of employees in my agency. I dread it whenever an email is sent to all of us because INEVITABLY at least 30 people Reply All. Every. Single. Time. How is it not possible to realize one's email settings are put on Reply All?

    The same thing happens whenever an email is sent to everyone on my son's sport's teams or from either kids' school. Why on earth can't people fix their damned settings to just Reply? On a day in which both employer and extra curricular emails are received, I turn off the noise notification function on my email just to maintain sanity.

    Obviously you've struck a nerve. I will stop commenting to all about this now...

  3. Gah dead birds. If I had a nickel for every time I've had to clean up a bird carcass/ pick up dog poop with little beaks in it...I'd have like thirty cents. But still that is way too many times.

    Nice WKRP photo!!!

    I would not be up for rugged survival either. I'm sure you are not surprised.

  4. I am very funny! I am very clever! Finally, independent confirmation! I am going to print that out and frame it!

    "bird legs are not strongly attached to bird bodies" That is the most ominous sentence I've read all week.

    (ps: the check is in the mail)

  5. I like unreliable narrators. Because I'm comfortable with uncertainty, HA, that's such a BIG LIE. I didn't think audience participation was at all a part of a flash mob, I thought it was a bunch of people doing pre-arranged stuff and everybody else just watched in admiration or huffed with annoyance at the silly hipsters and stamped out.

  6. I LOVE the Denver flash mob! I want to participate in one. Also, since I used to live in Denver I tried to recognize people before I realized that I don't know anyone that swing dances.

    Beastie Boys is not old people's rap! Or wait, maybe I'm just old?

    Your dog is adorable!

  7. Your dog is very cute.

    I like random posts.

    Have a good day.

  8. *sigh* Obviously I have missed to much on The Twitter and your blog. *double sigh* I didn't even realized I'd been linked up here. There was a time when a mention would've been noticed within moments of it being posted.

    I love teaching. I really do, but gah, it has taken away so much of my online life.

    P.S. I am so glad you mentioned the one-eye Borg thing about Fogo's picture. I wasn't thinking that particular thought, but I was thinking about how disconcerting the one eye was in that photo. WHITE SNOW! BLACK DOG! ONE VISIBLE EYE!