Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warp Speed Wednesdays: The Wrath of John?

Earlier this week...

Me: Benedict Cumberbatch might not be Khan, after all.
Husband: What?
Me: Yes. I assumed it was a given that he was Khan in "Into Darkness," but I just read that it's only a rumour.
Husband: Uh-huh.
Me: This would explain why in the trailers his character is wearing a shirt with a Starfleet insignia. That struck me as odd.
Husband: Okay.
Me: There was another rumor that he was Gary Mitchell.
Husband: Who?
Me: From "Where No Man Has Gone Before." The Enterprise attempts to leave our galaxy but they encounter a barrier that gives two of the crew ESP and telekinetic powers.
Husband: Okay.
Me: You've seen it. In the end Kirk and Mitchell battle it out with Styrofoam boulders.
Husband: Okay.
Me: But now it appears that was a rumour based solely on a single comment made by Karl Urban. Cumberbatch's character is some one name John Harrison.
Husband: Okay.
Me: Which means that Alice Eve's character is not Elizabeth Denher. She's now been identified as Carol Marcus. That's kind of cool.
Husband: Who?
Me: From "The Wrath of Khan." Head of the Project Genesis. She's Kirk's girlfriend. This would also explain why people assumed a connection between "Wrath of Khan" and "Into Darkness."
Husband: Right.
Me: But maybe it's just a ruse, and the villain really is Mitchell. If that's the fact then…uh…you don't really care, right?
Husband: Well...
Me: Oh. Now I remember why I have a blog about Star Trek. Carry on.
Husband: Thank you.


  1. Replies
    1. "…but sympathy for your husband" was the subtext there, right?

      Regardless, thanks for trying, Allison.

  2. I am getting more and more excited for this movie now!

  3. I like Star Trek but I freely admit I'm more of a TNG kind of girl. The heart wants what it wants. I'm excited for this movie but I suspect I'll need to Wiki most of the character names after I've seen it.

    1. I go back and forth about the order of my favourite series. On any given day number one can be TNG, DS9 or the original. Enterprise is always last. Voyager use to be my favourite but it's not aging particularly well. Unlike me.