Monday, December 24, 2012

While Captains Watched Their Fleets...

A few weeks ago my mother asked for gift suggestions for Zarf and Klaxon. Zarf wanted a tin of cashews that he could eat all on his own. He's not very big on sharing. Klaxon wanted "a pair of expensive socks knit by rich people with nothing better to do." Or a festive holiday shirt.

Both boys had already requested that their grandmother make Christmas stockings for our new pets. It was a natural request since last year she'd made this one for Osiris:

I think she out did herself this year.

Fogo's red leash terminates on her namesake: Fogo Island off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.   The banner on the top is the  Newfoundland Tricolour

This is Ezri's:

Look at her spots! And her season 7 Starfleet uniform! With communicator badge! That's also the official Deep Space Nine font! 

Now we're all set for Christmas to commence! 



  1. Merry Christmas, Nan! Wow, impressive stockings by your mom. Do the Osiris hieroglyphs mean anything?

    Your Sisko makes me wonder: are Vulcans really just Elves?

    1. @Kevin --

      The hieroglyphs spell Osiris. Or so my mother says. For all I know they spell "When did my daughter become a crazy cat lady?"

      I think Vulcans are definitely the Star Trek species most likely to be cast as elves. Certainly the Ferengi are out of the running. Where is the profit in giving toys away for FREE?! Klingons would only give weapons. Mind you, my boys would be on board with a few bat'leths under the tree. However, Andorians would enjoy living at the north pole. Hmmm...

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Your mother is incredibly talented. And also very patient with your obsessions ;)

  3. Weird...i wrote a comment but it disappeared. I just said your mum is incredibly talented, and also v patient with your obsessions ;)

  4. AND I want her to make ME some stockings!