Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lazily Sick or Sickly Lazy. I Can't Decide.

Today I got up at 6:30 (IN THE MORNING!) and vacuumed the house while Mr Wrath took Fogo for her first walk of the day.

It was the peak of my energy for the day, evidently. I haven't accomplished much since. I don't feel quite right. I'm either getting a cold or I'm developing a case of Sudden Onset Laziness Syndrome.

Yesterday, however, was much better.

In the morning several local homeschool families got together for Backpack Presentations. This is a fantastic get-to-know-you activity suggested by one of the moms who use to teach elementary school. Everyone brought three items in a backpack (hence the name) that represented something about their personality or interests. It was a quick, casual, fun way to stimulate conversation.

Since you are dying to know, I'll tell you what I brought:

• a Star Trek combadge because I love Star Trek,
• my new apron because I love to cook AND I'm very messy, and
• a running shoe because I enjoy being physically active

The boys got haircuts.

I made a delicious stew for dinner.

In the morning I did my usual 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I took Fogo on a 25-minute walk at noon, then went out with her later for a 45-minute snowshoe hike. In the early evening Mr Wrath and I accompanied the boys for a 60-minute X-country ski lesson.

I ended the day by learning that it's never a good idea to smush your face up against the window of a car in a dark parking lot. Because there's a very real possibility that the person in that parked car is NOT (as you initially assumed) a friend, but a complete stranger who bears only a passing resemblance to the aforementioned friend. Awkward.

Upon further reflection, it's no wonder I'm tired today. Exercise and humiliation are exhausting.


  1. I just spit coffee onto my kepyboard. That's something that would happen to me too! Too funny.

    There's a bug going around that starts with feeling "off" and then moves to feverish and coughing. Hope that's not what you've got!

  2. Maybe you are getting sick, but maybe your yesterday just laid you out, which would be perfectly justified. I'm either still trying to shake off my Christmas bronchitis or just lazy. I've barely left the house this week and all my walking has been terrified shuffling on the ice, so probably just lazy. Or weak from my self-imposed chocolate ban.

  3. Heeeeeee.

    That's funny. That's also an awful lot of physical activity in one day. I got tired reading that.