Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warp Speed Wednesday: Survey Says...

Your response to the following advertisement is:

a. BRILLIANT! This sounds like a lot of fun. Nan, you should call this guy and tell him about your awesome Next Generation costume,

b. This is the stuff of nightmares and will, no doubt, soon be known as "Exhibit A" in a murder trial,

c. It's really infuriating because it perpetuates many unfortunate stereotypes about Trekkies. Also: totally fucked. Kirk is an awesome captain!, or

d. I hope this is a sociological experiment conducted by grad students at the University of Alberta.

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"Nothing weird is going to happen" -- riiiiiiiight.



    What I love about this is that it starts off a little weird, but not necessarily creepy, and then it takes a turn into "oh holy shit" territory.

    "Maybe my mom will make us lunch"

    "I can write you a prescription for basically anything you want"

    But here's the question I'm left with - "last time someone tried TOS and it was a disaster"... PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE WITH THIS NUT???

    1. As soon as they tell you "nothing weird is going to happen" you just know that something REALLY weird is going to happen. Although this already rings the weird bell loud and clear.

  2. I echo Hannah's sentiments. At first I thought it was kind of cute (my mom will make us lunch). Then I started to get alarmed (I can write you a prescription for anything). Then the nothing weird is going to happen and can you bring your own props and the only reason we need women is we're getting stuck on a shuttlecraft but he can say no more - wtf. Now, I know I'm not exactly knowledgable about Star Trek but...I'm going to go with option b.

  3. I'm leaning toward answer d. Firstly, because it hits every single ugly stereotype about Trekkies. Secondly, why would any of those women need to bring a VISOR? Only Geordi wears a VISOR!

  4. I'm voting B.

    How old is this person? 12 and living with his mom, or 35 and living with his mom?

    He might say there won't be any nudity, but I guarantee something weird will happen.

    You should answer this ad and report back.

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Even the thought of it scares me.

  5. Going with C here. I was actually charmed by the first two or three lines...then creeped out. No nudity, MY ASS.

  6. This made me laugh so hard! But run! Run as fast as you can away from this person. Unless it's D. Please let it be D. Because it's prob otherwise B.