Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This post is about my cat.

It's been five months since we placed the cats on a diet and Ezri is finally starting to look slimmer. Not that it's apparent in this photo:

If you ever encounter Ezri in this position, please attempt to scratch her belly. She'll curl in a ball around your hand and deliver a gentle nip. Then her face will light up as if to say, "In biting you I have sated my primal need to taste flesh. Now I'm free to go back to eating elastic bands! AND NAPPING. Good times!"

Until last week I was despairing about Ezri not losing weight despite her new/expensive diet food. Klaxon responded by developing an exercise program for her. If we are walking somewhere and we pass Ezri, we pick her up and carry her to a different location. The idea being that she will walk back to her previous location (usually the chesterfield or my bed). Ezri doesn't know that we are trying to make her exercise, she thinks we are attempting to diversify her nap locations. Upon being set down, she is quite happy to puddle on the floor and sleep for several hours before getting up, walking to the back hall and showing off her new/only trick: prying open the lid to her food container and having a snack.

However, in the last few days I realize she is losing weight. She's still obese. We still can't palpate any of her bones (as they are hidden under fat pads). However, her head no longer looks freakishly small compared to the rest of her body. 

Good job, Ezri, your sizable rump is no longer making your head look like a grape!


  1. Chubby or not, Ezri is GORGEOUS.I would love to pet her a lot and then go take some Benadryl b/c her my eyes would then get all itchy.

  2. P.S. I read your post about your fall, but I didn't comment. How are you doing?

  3. P.P.S. My son has been working his way through Star Trek TNG on Netflix. I am so proud! As a child, he flat out refused to watch them. I asked him why now and his response was simply, "Because they're good. I was too stupid to know that when I was a kid."

    1. @Mary Bogan -- she is really, really dander-ific. It's like she has twice the amount of hair than a normal cat and none of it wants to stay attached to her body. As for my fall: I'm fine now. Though up till Sunday I was gimpy. YAY -- for Colin for coming around to liking Star Trek TNG!

  4. At last I get to see your lovely kitty!! Oh she is lovely, what a handsome cat.

  5. [sorry I haven't commented in a bit....for some reason I haven't been able to get a comment box?!] Your cat is such a pretty color. And that exercise routine? Makes me laugh! Can't the boys just put a leash on Ezri for one of the three walks the dog goes on? No?