Friday, March 15, 2013

Animal Magnetism.

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Animals that freak me out and/or fascinate me:

Iberian midwife toads -- A male carries his mate's fertilized eggs on his back. As a feminist, I approve.

Manatees -- They look unfinished.

Camels -- I didn't think they were particularly unusual until last month. That's when I learned camels evolved in the Canada's north 3.5 millions years ago.

Ringtail Lemurs -- My favourite animal species on the planet. They're ADORABLE looking.

Grant's Golden Moles -- They have no eyes, and are the number one reason Namibia is not a tourist hot spot. Or so I assume.

Hummingbirds -- One of my favourite things about our town is the abundance of Rufous hummingbirds. Here's a helpful hint for local readers: do not wear red hats in June or July while standing on ladders. The hummingbirds will dive bomb you!

Orangutans -- I get freaked out by all orangutans, especially male orangutans. It's those facial ridges.

Pikas -- Adorable. Even when you are back country camping and they wake you at dawn by chattering away.

Reinwardt's Flying Frogs -- Anxiety inducing thought: a moth or a bat caught in my hair. And -- as of now -- these things touching my scalp:

Narwhals -- The ugliest of all Unicorn Variants.

Capybaras -- Mutantly large guinea pigs.

Brittle Stars -- It poops out of it's mouth. I didn't know this when I held one while in Maui in 2009.

Did I miss any?


  1. The sea cucumber breaths out of it's butt and looks like a cross between a football and a fancy condom filled with water.

    Also, sea stars don't just poop out of their stomach, they also pop their stomachs out inside of shellfish (if I remember correctly, it's known as "eversion") and essentially digest the shellfish externally (within the shell of the shellfish). Yummy.

    Also, porpoises are bleeping adorable!

  2. Grant's Golden Moles are certainly the reason I don't go to Namibia. Well that and the fact that I don't know where the heck it is and haven't been outside the country where I live for the last 5 years.

  3. That picture of the capybara has me unsettled. {shutter}

    1. Me too. Who has a capybara in their house, much less on the sofa?

  4. Narwhals are amazing. I still remember doing a report on them in fourth grade. The unicorns of the sea! I think manatees are adorable. That's interesting about camels...who knew? Not me.

  5. I used to think of humming birds as sweet little birds until I visited a friend years ago in So. California. She had a humming bird feeder and there were more of them there than I'd ever seen. After watching them for awhile, I realized they are in fact total bad asses. They fight for food, poke each other with their long pointy beaks, and are generally super aggressive. Am quite happy they are not much bigger.

    In contrast I love cats of all sizes. Sure, my cats constantly barf on my floor and wake me at dawn with meowing, but I, inexplicably, still love them. I know big cats would maul me and eat me, but I love them too. I have a sickness clearly.

  6. I rode a camel in Morocco. No wonder it felt like a compatriot.

    Regular guinea pigs freak me out a little so capybaras -- urghbt.

  7. Camels are cool. That mole is freaking me out. I detest monkey and chimpanzees and gorillas and orangutans and all similar. I don't know why. The poop throwing, perhaps.

    Is that GIANT RODENT on someone's SOFA? **shudder** W.T.F.