Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brighter is Better.

My 20-minute March challenge marches on -- Day 9!

• • • • • • • • • • •

I know it's early, but if anyone has already decided to go as Blossom for next Halloween please let me know. Because I'd be more than happy to send these patterns your way:

Alternately the red beret with the big bow, could be used in a Monica Lewinsky costume for a Nineties Pop Culture Reference Masquerade Ball.

(Now I'm wishing that such a thing existed.)

I can't decide which is more embarrassing. That I bought these patterns and used them several times to make various funky hats OR that I have kept them for 20+ years.

I found them this morning when I was casting about for fabric scraps to make these placemats:

I'm hoping now that the boys are 9 and 11 and have rudimentary table manners we can do away with plastic placemats. They would just as soon go without placemats, but I can't do it. Placemat-less dining is barbaric. This is a home. Not a cafeteria. We will use placemats! Damn it!

In case you are wondering, I used Thirty Handmade Days' patchwork placemat tutorial -- though I deviated greatly. That site links to Made By Rae's tutorial on binding the edges of a quilt (or in this case a placemat) and I think it's pretty slick.

I might make another set. Maybe I'll even try having them match one another.


Probably not.


  1. Those are cute! The hats, not quite so much. We still use vinyl table cloths and I am still not ready to give it up. I may have a slight addiction to the 4.49 table clothes from Superstore. If I am still using them when the boys are teens would you please stage an intervention?

  2. I want to go to a Nineties Pop Culture Reference Masquerade Ball!! I've been watching Ally McBeal on Netflix recently, so am all caught up on late 90's fashion. I think I'd get myself some mom jeans and chunky heals for the ball.

    I really enjoy your placemats, I like that they don't match. And you are so right. Brighter IS better!

  3. Placemats are what separates us from the animals. Must have placemats. Mine are still wipeable. I optimistically bought some cloth ones, but they ended up becoming grody and they didn't wash well so here we are.

  4. Love the place mats!!! I like the eclectic mix of fabrics you used. I also insist upon place mats, though I have no children I still get the "stink eye" from my lovely man when I try to be "stealth like" as I yank his plate away mid-bit and put our (plastic) place mats down. Well I guess I just gave you a good glimpse of my domestic regime.

    1. Better the stink eye than him yelling "LEAVE MY MAN-HASH ALONE ,YOU PLACEMAT-LOVING, CRAZY LADY!!"

  5. My mom had that exact same hat pattern when I was a teen - the one on top. The hat with the two roses in front? I had two of those, one in green velvet, and one in a grey tweed with flecks of red. The tweed one was my favourite and I wore it on a super traumatic business trip to London, England, when I was just 24 years old and someone STOLE MY HAT, and I called my then-fiancee-now-husband in tears begging him to come and get me and let me come home, and the event lives on in INFAMY. WORLD WIDE INFAMY.

    That's how much I love hats, I guess.

    I also love, love, love your placemats. I dream of a day when I no longer need a plastic tablecloth, but every time I think of getting rid of it, someone spills their juice, AGAIN. Sigh.

    1. Day 5 of cloth placemats and there are already stains on them. Am trying to remain calm.

      And I love hats, too!

  6. I love those placemats. I love them so much I would hang them on my wall. But I never use placemats. That's right - it's a crackhouse free-for-all around here. We don't use utensils either. Actually, we have a dining trough instead of a table. And I look SO STUPID in hats.

    1. You are uncouth, Allison!

      Nah. Just yankin' yer chain.