Sunday, March 17, 2013


This morning my boys awoke to discover that a leprechaun had left them St Patrick's Day treats. They each received sweets, bobbles, and a potato (leprechauns can be jerks) bundled into a green t-shirt, tied with ribbon and accompanied by a homemade card. The boys were thrilled. This will be a lovely little memory that exists only in our minds because it didn't occur to me to snap a photo.

Letting a momentous, magical, sweet moment of childhood pass undocumented?! I will NEVER make it as a Lifestyle blogger.

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Let's take a moment to celebrate the gifts that Ireland has bestowed upon the world. In the form of ridiculously handsome men:

Gabriel Byrne, aka Professor Bhaer in Little Women.

Colin Farrell. He's a bad boy who will reform for the love of a good woman, aka YOU.

The ridiculously handsome and talented, Daniel Day Lewis. 

Is it wrong that I find Andrew Scott (aka Jim Moriarty) sexy? 

Young Peter O'Toole.

CiarĂ¡n McMenamin, aka My Primeval Boyfriend.

Liam Neeson. This photo is cropped for your protection. 

Young Magneto, aka Michael Fassbender.

My beloved Mr Steele. You may also know him as Pierce Brosnan.

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  1. GABRIEL BYRNE. "Your heart...understood mine." "There is nothing in here of the woman I am privileged to know." Oh, RAWR.

    How could you not instagram that moment?

  2. Whew, I know Colin Farrell is probably still a giant ass, but my god that man just hits me right in the part of my heritage that loves the black Irish.

  3. Did that Liam Neeson photo contain evidence of the, erm, well-endowedness, pre-crop?

    I'm asking for a friend.

  4. GabrielByrneColinFarrellLiamNeesonAAAAAAAAA.

    That is all.

  5. We did zip-all to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But some day my kids' memories will be as bad as mine and I'll just tell them we did, and I forgot to take a picture. Thanks for that.