Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for prompts with my month-long blogging challenge. In particular, "I can do it myself" stymies me. I can not disassociate it with the image of a toddler stomping their foot and screeching "I can do it myself!!!!" Hence that topic warrants only this cursory mention and none other.

The official topic for today will be mushrooms.

• I grew up  in the seventies and I remember a brief period when mushrooms were a popular home decor theme. Would it be safe to assume this was a subtle drug reference that crept into the mainstream?

• Did you know "toadstool" is a synonym for mushroom? I have only just learned this thanks to the collective wisdom of the internet. Thank you Al Gore, for enriching my existence. I thought mushrooms were the edible fungi, and toadstools were the magical-type inhabited by pixies or gnomes or whatever is the politically correct term for the fairy folk.

• My husband frequently speaks about his grandfather collecting and eating wild mushrooms. Mr Wrath even owns a handbook for identifying wild mushroom varieties, but he has never used it. Mostly because I'm deeply suspicious of mushrooms that don't come from the grocery store and am unwilling to risk a painful death in the name of free food.

• I am more than happy with store-bought mushrooms. I think button mushrooms are a great addition to any meal, except for macaroni and cheese. But Hannah swears my fears are misplaced. If anyone wants to invite me over for a meal of homemade macaroni and cheese with mushrooms, I will happily accept. Actually, feed my anything and I will be happy.

• I will conclude with a photo of Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock from Star Trek, the original series.  It's his 82nd birthday today. Here's a photo of him getting sprayed in the face by mind-altering spores:

Happy Birthday, Mr Nimoy.


  1. I was a Brownie, so I totally knew about the toadstool thing. I love mushrooms, but not sure about in macaroni and cheese...

  2. I always just assumed mushrooms and toadstools were the same thing, but I also thought until embarrassingly recently that ponies were just young horses, so I hold all my beliefs with one hand, loosely.

    I hate mushrooms. I find their texture wholly unsuitable for eating. I don't mind mushrooms flavour, so sometimes I cook with them and then serve the actual mushrooms to everyone else and only eat whatever else is in the pan. I'm weird like that.