Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favourite Cartoon. And so it begins.

For the first day of my month long blogging challenge
I chose the topic "My Favourite Cartoon."

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My favourite cartoon is Star Trek: the Animated Series. I've only seen a few episodes but just on principal I love this show.

In reality however, I generally don't like cartoons. This meant that I found Zarf and Klaxon's pre-school years rather trying. This also explains why at ages 3 and 5 they were already watching select scenes from Star Trek tv shows, Murder She Wrote, Heartbeat and Friends (which Zarf called That Show With Joey and Phoebe).

I suspect that my aversion to cartoons started early. When I was four years old my favourite show was All In the Family. Because really, doesn't every child think it's high comedy when Mr Jefferson drops by on his way home from the dry-cleaner and says something to make Archie really angry?!

I particularly loathe cartoons involving anthropomorphized animals. But I have an especially dark, cold part of my heart saved up for cartoons about barnyard animals that walk and talk. Two of the worst offenders are:

• Barnyard's main character is a bull named Otis. He has an udder.

• Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks.  Piggley the Pig, Dannon the Duck and Ferny the Bull talk and wear clothes. Other animals (sheep, cows, chickens, etc) are chattel; they are mute participants in the food chain of the show's agrarian society.  It's classicism!  I recall watching an episode where Piggley was milking a cow while talking to his friend Ferny the bull.  It was disturbing.  Mightn't that be Ferny's mom?! Or his aunt?! (Or Otis from Barnyard?!) Doesn't Ferny realize that Piggley is a hypocrite who befriends some cattle but owns others? I'm glad that Ferny is a fictional character because if he were real, he'd probably grow to be a very confused bull unable to establish healthy relationships with the females of his species. Or trust his "friends."

I have not so subtly steered the boys toward watching cartoons that revolve around mutants, ghouls, aliens, droids and superheroes. All of which are less annoying and disturbing than Ferny and Otis and their ilk.

So my final answer is: the following are my top 5 cartoons:

Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Ruby Gloom
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Star Trek the Animated Series

Edited to add: Honourary mention: Phineas and Ferb.


  1. Cartoons pretty much sucked back when we were kids. I think my favourite was the Smurfs, but what were the choices? I loved the Muppet Show, but technically that is not a cartoon.

    Now, I like Phineas and Ferb and the NEW Looney Tunes show. Hilarity. When the kids were small I liked Toot and Puddle, Blues Clues, and Backyardigans. But then, I had massive sleep deprivation.

  2. Cannot believe Phineas & Ferb only got an Honorable Mention. What a ripoff. That is the best cartoon EVER. Also, I liked the Backyardigans too - the music was great.

    My favorite cartoon when I was a kid was some story about brother/sister race car drivers who also solved mysteries. Pole Position? Something.

  3. I did not know about the Star Trek animated series. When Angus was little there was a rotation of three shows on A&E that we watched when we were home - Murder She Wrote, Northern Exposure and something else. He loved the Murder She Wrote theme song.

    I love Phineas and Ferb and the Backyardigans. Sometimes I play Backyardigans music in the car when I'm alone (because the kids are obviously too old and yet not old enough for it).

  4. I have never even HEARD of the two cartoons you hate! Also, my son would passionately debate you on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Apparently they've gotten it all wrong. I forget the details.

  5. Unfortunately, a LOT of our cartoons revolve around anthropomorphized animals: Backyardigans, Peep and the Big Wide World, Wild Kratts (which isn't as bad as Diego re: animals and environment and which I refuse to let my kids watch.) Kids also love the Super Hero Squad. And old Spiderman cartoons from the 70s.