Sunday, March 24, 2013

Presidential Seal (Hunt).

Day 24.
Today's Prompt: Dear Mr President.

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Dear Mr Obama,

My name is Nan and I'm writing to you in my capacity as an advocate for the continuation of the Canadian Commercial Seal hunt, a supporter of the Inuit seal hunt, an opponent of the EU Ban on seal products, a Newfoundlander, and an individual who enjoys a good fight.

Let me be frank: thanks for not mouthing off about the seal hunt during your tenure as president of the United States. I appreciate it, especially considering in 2006 you wrote a letter to PETA promising "to ensure that we take all the necessary steps to express our outrage with the Canadian government." You went on to say, "Canada annually opens its eastern waters to commercial seal hunting. The United States and European Union have been unified in their opposition to the slaughter of seals by passing legislation decades ago to restrict the sale of seal-based products within their borders," and then pledged to insinuate yourself into my nation's affairs via your position on the United States Senate's Foreign Relations Committee.

Obviously in the interceding years you have stepped away from this opinion.

Is it because you now know lobbyists, activists and celebrities manipulate public sentiment by using overly-emotional language and misleading photos of white coats (which are exempt from the hunt)? Seven years on, do you recognize the inherent hypocrisy of going after an industry solely because the optics don't sit well with a few soft-minded, vocal animal-activists while larger, more successful industries that harvest animals don't warrant attention from deep-pocketed, special-interest groups (ie, the Humane Society of United States and IFAW)?  Or are you staying quiet because you realize that you don't have the right to stick your nose in the internal affairs of Canada and sabotage an  ecologically sound, humanely operatedtraditional activity involving a renewable resource that channels money into rural Canadian communities that desperately need the money? Or did you not care about any of this and were only attempting to pander to voters with an eye to eventually running for the White House? I would love to know.

All the same, good luck in your second term. You're going to need it.




  1. I really love how people in general decide to take action on one thing, totally ignoring that there may be consequences to that action. Example: opposition to seal hunt, mostly because seals are cute! Don't kill the seals! But then there are ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES to having too many seals.

    I could go into the old AB Stelmach government and the oil royalty debacle, but I will not.

    1. I am constantly suprised and saddened that animal activists reserve their compassion for animals and have none to spare for humans.

      I don't know anything about the oil royalty debacle. Off to google...

    2. WORD on that. Wait, that's what I was going to say to the whole article. Can this be my comment? Because I'm really tired today.

  2. The science I've read suggests that there is no need to cull the seal population (their effect on fish stocks in minimal, especially compared to the damage we've done and continue to do). That said, there's more then enough of them to go around. I think seal hunts are like everything else - have some respect (don't kill pups or their moms, try to be humane about it, etc.) and don't stress about it. I've spoken out against seal hunts in the past, and there are some bad apples and bad practices that make me want to club people, but, really, in the grand scheme of things, how the hell is this worse than the way factory farmed animals are treated and killed?!? People need to get over it and move on to more important things, like deep sea trawling (so bad!) and climate change.

    1. Absolutely there is no need to cull seal populations at present. But in the future after the commercial seal hunt (which is not a "cull" even though activists just love throwing this emotionally-laden, inaccurate word around for maximum confusion) collapses and the population explodes because there are no predators checking population growth? There could be.

      (fixed for typo)

    2. Yep. And, really, there are loads of them, why not hunt a few. Unless we suddenly start hunting enough to risk endangering their population, I don't see a problem.

      I've seen both sides use the term "cull". The activists because, like you said, it gets an emotional reaction. And, the pro-hunting advocates when they whine about how the seals have caused or are causing the cod stock collapse (which is not true). I don't know why I use it. I kind of hate it. I need to remember to call it a "hunt".

  3. I have learned most of what I know about the seal hunt from your blog. If those totally cute, fluffy little white seals are not the target then why is it different than any other hunting practice? And I do question those who rant and rave about the "inhumane" killing of seals as compared to how cows (veal and calves liver - do you not know that animals die as babies to produce this?), chickens, rabbits etc are killed. How is one more humane than the other? And "cull" is indeed used to cause the maximum emotional response for the anti seal hunt cause.

    1. Yes, and how about all the fish who suffocate (because they can't breath out of the water) when they are brought on board a ship, trapped and squashed in giant nets. I never understood why people never worried about them? I guess we only care abotu cute things :\

  4. You guys have all heard that Germany has banned the sale of live lobster in grocery stores because the way they are cooked and eaten is inhumane, right?

    Puh-lease. First of all, it's a sea-spider, and also delicious. GET IN MAH BELLEH. Second, all the other animals eaten in Germany that will never be banned for sale because they aren't low-hanging fruit.

    By all means, be an activist for a cause you believe in. But please, be an informed and not hypocritical activist. The "don't kill the cute baby seals!" folks just make me annoyed.