Friday, March 22, 2013

Today should be a national holiday.

Why William Shatner should be the next 
Governor-General of Canada:

1. He is Canadian.

2. He is bilingual.

3. He owns his own tuxedo.

4. He has experience paddling a canoe.

5. He is known internationally. As the Captain of the Enterprise! And -- of course -- for other roles and ventures.

6. People would actually watch Throne Speeches. If. Delivered. By. William. Shatner. From. The. FloorOfTheHouseOfCommons.

7. We're all getting a little bit bored of having the Queen on our stamps and coins, right? I bet she'd be willing to let The Shat have a turn.

8. All state funerals would include Shatner performing Live Life Like You're Gonna Die

9. Isn't it about time we had a Jewish Governor-General? 

10. I want to see Bill flirt with Kate next time she and Will come to Canada. That would be so much more amusing than a ceremonial tree planting.

11. He's not going to prorogue parliament for just any schlub in a shiny suit.

12, As the Priceline negotiator, he will be able to keep his travel expenses down, unlike other governor-generals.

and finally,

13. It's his birthday today and I didn't get him anything!

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

This is the third time I've blogged about Mr Shatner's birthday. It's also the 22nd post I have written in March.


  1. I have nothing to add. I just wanted to say that this is my favourite blog post I've read all week :D

  2. I would pick him just for his version of O Canada.

    1. I love his version! I want to adopt the line "Our home ON native land" into the official version.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Removed my previous comment due to politically incorrect typo. So: might have to amend it to "Our home on First Nations land" but still works, don't you think?

  3. Flirt with Kate! Love it. I realized I have a Kate addiction. I physically cannot pass by a magazine rack without picking up whatever one has her on the front and flipping through it to see what she's wearing. I don't buy it though, so I'm not that far gone. I click on everything just to see her clothes. WHAT IS WITH ME?? Happy birthday, Shatner!

    1. I read celebitchy all the time and I can't believe how much people hate Kate. WTF?! She's lovely! They are jealous h8rs.

  4. I'm starting a petition. Right now. This is the best idea I've heard since candied bacon. And candied bacon is really freaking awesome.