Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's noon. Time for Fogo's second walk of the day. We walk up to the top of the street, where I clip on my snowshoes. We head down a steep, wooded slope following a path I have trekked frequently during the ten years we've lived here.

When they were younger, the boys called it The Deep Dark Forest. But five years ago the provincial government sponsored a program to selectively harvest the trees killed by the pine beetle infestation. Then three years ago a severe windstorm blew down many of the remaining specimens. We were warned to stay clear of The Forbidden Forest for many months as it was logged. What's left now is a narrow band that lines the boulevard and hides from view a vast clear cut. I haven't lived in a city in 16 years so I have lost my moral outrage about deforestation. This clear cut represents wood harvested while it still had value and more felled in the name of public safety. One day it might serve as a firebreak in wildfire season. But even more selfishly I appreciate that the clearcut allows my family and I access to a wild, open space where we can ski, snowshoe, sled and hike within seconds of our front door.

The boys and I walk Fogo here most days. Since the snow fell in November, we've created a series of snowshoe trails.

The main section of the clear cut, Aragon's Web, is criss crossed with many short trails.

The slope down to the golf course is Death Eater Drop. To access this for sledding, we walk along Albus' Alley. At the crest, a left leads us down Voldemort's View, a meandering path that eventually leads back to Aragon's Web where it becomes Weasley's Wander.

Or we can veer to the right where Klaxon has laid out a five-pronged trail called Harry's Hand. The fingers are connected by Luna's Loop. Ultimately if the snow stays (and we've had another 30 cm this past week, so spring is a long way off) he will lay another track called Severus Street. It will lead toward the Quidditch Pitch, aka several abandoned baseball diamonds.

To return to the house I can take Tonks' Trail (or it's partner Lupin's Lane), along Dobby's Double Back and then chose between three trails: Rubeus' Run or Hagrid's Hop or Cakewalk. Cakewalk is the only trail I was allowed to name.

Obviously I lack my offspring's creative spirit and Harry Potter obsession.

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  1. You walk Fogo twice a day? *hides head in lazy, lazy shame*

    1. I walk her twice, and the husband walks her twice. Yes, FOUR WALKS A DAY! So on an average week day she gets at least two hours of exercise,. On the weekend I'd say close to double that.

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE. You're raising those kids right.