Friday, April 26, 2013


It's my birthday today.

It's also Mr Wrath's birthday.

And our wedding anniversary.

We are just now back from eating out. Our meal consisted of many dishes all involving bread and/or cheese. The boys were in heaven.

When I was younger I didn't see the point of flowers. Then I got older and older still (and as of today I am FORTY!) and I stopped wanting things for the sake of owning things. This is not to say I'm unmaterialistic or enlightened.  Far from it. But I know my own head and my tastes and because of this I'm harder to please. Factor in that I shop sales and frequently indulge my "wants" when good deals come around, the scope of possible presents is even smaller. Plus I don't want the pressure of asking for or receiving a present that is laden with emotional significance or intended to become an heirloom. I don't need that kind of burden. Which is why I now like receiving flowers:

["Can I eat them? Please?," asks Fogo.]

This bouquet came from my husband. Earlier in the week he smuggled the vase out of the house (having given it to me full of flowers for Mother's Day four years ago) and ran it down to the florist.

The other part of my present is the black tool cabinet (the green top is a piece of wood that my husband cut down to size and I painted and shellacked). When I went to pick it up at the Sears depot last Friday, I mentioned to the manager (who we've dealt with frequently) it was my birthday present from Mr Wrath. He was mightily impressed. "There are not a lot of women who'd let their husbands shop for them in the hardware department of Sears."

When I explained that Mr. Wrath's present from me is Lodge camp dutch oven, he commented, "You guys are so great."

YES. WE ARE GREAT. It has now been independently confirmed.

Even if our home decor is pretty eclectic. And we tend to fuck around with typical gender roles.


  1. Fogo is huge! That dog's easily 6 feet tall.

    Those flowers are beautiful & I hope you had a really great birthday/anniversary.

  2. Happy belated birthdays and anniversary. And from what I've learned of both of your from this blog I think you're great as well.

  3. Aw, you guys *are* great! Happy birthday and happy birthday and happy anniversary.

  4. So cute! I love that vase, it's beautiful! Happy happy happy day!

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  6. Happy birthday and anniversary to you both!

  7. Happy everything you crazy kids!

  8. Happy Birthdays (you guys are like twins! That's not creepy at all) and Anniversary! Wow, you are not celebrators, are you? Way to cram all the gift-getting occasions into one! If only you could have been born/gotten married on Christmas too ;)

    Happy Birthday, and Anniversary, seriously. And those flowers/that vase are/is gorgeous!

  9. Happy Happy Belated my dear. Hope it was lovely. And that vase is GORGEOUS! (Happy Anniversary and Happy bday to Mr. Wrath too!)

  10. I missed your birthday! And Mr. Wrath's! And your anniversary!! Happy happy happy to all, sorry I am belated.

    Love the commentary on gender roles, that is awesome, as are your flowers. I have been completely absent from reading blogs lately (even the few, like yours, that I still comment on) and I think I am in mourning because Google Reader is shutting down and I can't find anything I like as well. Me and my first world problems. Boo hoo.