Friday, April 12, 2013

The Return of Point Form Friday.

• This ad popped up on a website earlier this week:
It gave me a chuckle. Even more amusing: the commercial that Cheryl Burke (who is evidently a dancer on a show called Dancing With the Pseudo Stars of Yesteryear) made for the company:

Who is the target audience for this campaign? People who need adult diapers but are too embarrassed to admit it? People who are so scared of public washrooms they'd rather use an adult diaper? People who are just curious and like free things?

What's the name of "charity" that received money because Cheryl Burke tried on these adult diapers? The Cheryl Burke Retirement Account? The Society For The Preservation of Wiglets?

Reasons My Son Is Crying makes me appreciate having older children.

•I'm officially giving up on the Molly Murphy book series by Rhys Bowen. I love the basic concept for the series (a recent immigrant from Ireland in the early 1900s, Molly works as a private investigator in New York City) but the plots are plodding, convoluted, and transparent. All the same when I saw The Family Way on my library's New Releases shelf, I checked it out. By page 30 I'd guessed the "villain." I'd also remembered that I was annoyed at Bowen for marrying Molly to her stiff lipped, stick-in-the-mud, social climbing, police officer boyfriend who disapproves of her career, her social circle and her politics. In this book Daniel Sullivan continues to be a priggish, mama's boy and Molly SLAPS him at one point. And now I don't like either character.

Also there was a glaring error on the book jacket, which said the book was set in 1905. However the first page of the book states the year is 1904. See:

This makes me unreasonably grumpy.

• I'm rolling my eyes at Halle Berry. One minute she's cursing at paparazzi to stay away from her child, and trying to get her custody arrangement altered so she can relocate the girl and "protect" her from media scrutiny. The next second she's making official statements to gossip sites confirming her pregnancy and the child's sex. Be consistent, lady!

• My husband and I are stymied by this picture from wikipedia's Los Angeles entry.Has the photo been heavily edited? Has LA been relocated to Japan? Am I misremembering the opening credits to LA Law?

And now I'm going to interact with my family...

And the cats.

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  1. We have magic mountains here in So Cal. Depending on the day you can see them or not. All thanks to that lovely smog we have. But they are there. Truly.