Friday, May 17, 2013

Bag Lady.

This week I won a cotton tote bag from our local library. I was pretty excited about it until I learned a friend had won the grand prize, an e-reader. Now I'm just consumed with jealousy.

Although I doubt the e-reader came with a label like this:

For the record: this photo was taken in Canada by a Canadian
 with Canadian hands. Using a camera that was 
probably made in China, then downloaded onto 
a computer that was definitely assembled in China.

I'm Canadian, so I really don't care that this bag was imported from the United States, versus an emerging world economy. What I do mind is the phrasing "made by American Hands." Does this mean disembodied American hands assembled this bag? Why no American Bodies, American Hands? Should I assume the bag-making American Hands belong to people with American citizenship? Is this an anti-immigration thing? Or just xenophobia? Or anti-globalization?

Also I can wash this bag, but it's not recommended. That hardly speaks to a quality product.


  1. To me, the most pressing question is how I get some of these disembodied "American Hands" to come and do my work while I relax or work out or do something else.

    This is Maggie, BTW. For some reason it will only let me sign in using my google info. Bah.

  2. Maybe hands like the Addams Family Thing?

  3. Why even GIVE the washing instructions...hands aside this is confusing.