Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fogo. The internets weekly dose of my mutt.

Two things of note in this photo:
1. Fogo's weird sitting posture. Do other people's dogs regularly try sitting crossed-legged?
2. Her sad facial expression, but she does have a very sunny disposition.  It's just that she is a very jowly dog, which lends herself to an air of sadness. Promise.


  1. She's doing yoga! Fogo's trying to sit in lotus. Aw. Puppy yoga.

  2. The sad perma-expression probably serves her well. Don't you just look at her and want to give her a treat? I do.

  3. Yes, the sad expression is nature's way of ensuring more treats!

  4. @bibliomama & @maggie -- I don't usually give her treats, for looking sad. But I do often wonder if she's happy or if she misses her old life of gamboling around the reserve with a pack of other dogs?