Sunday, June 2, 2013

On Saturday we saw "Star Trek: Into Darkness!"

I kind of feel as if I was the last Trekkie on the planet to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. Mind you, I saw it at the same time as my boys (the eldest being a little bit of a Trekkie, the younger being much more open in his devotion to the genius of The Roddenberry). Maybe we'll declare it a three-way tie.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, and don't want it ruined: please stop reading here. Scroll past these photos at your own peril.

Still with me?


I was prepared to be slightly disappointed with STID. The trailers, sneak peeks and the online speculation has been so extensive, I assumed that I knew what to expect. I was wrong. The plot, the pacing, the dialogue, the scenery, the characters -- there was so much good stuff going on.  Such as:

The villains:

Let's start with Benedict Cumberbatch's "John Harrison," aka Khan. YES! KHAN! He was good. Well, good in a very bad way. I enjoyed his badness. If anything, Cumbie's Khan was more brutal and scary than Montalbán's version. This is saying a lot.

Of all the evil, violent, scary things Khan did, I think the worst (and thereby the best, in terms of establishing the character's nature) was the offhand manner that he snapped Carol Marcus' leg. The skull crushing, the bombing, the shooting spree -- all pale in comparison.

I checked: Robocop is on Canadian netflix. I think we're going to watch it soon so my boys can see Peter Weller, aka Admiral Marcus in another role. The evilness of Marcus took me by surprise since I'd heard nothing about this character in the months leading up to the film's release.


This was my first time seeing a live-action film in 3D. We don't see very many movies. We live 2 hours from the nearest theatre, and until very recently the boys have been mostly interested in animated films. I left both Cars 2 and Toy Story 3 feeling nauseous, because of the 3D effects. I was concerned about getting ill during STID, but I had no issues. I loved it and I finally understand the hype for this system.

I apologize to whoever was sitting behind me in the theatre because I was ducking and dodging in every single fight and flight sequence. It was probably distracting and amusing to watch. 

I still think that Chris Pine is a fine looking man, but I found his pronounced, 3D philtrum slightly distracting. Personally seeing beautiful people with blemishes and imperfections makes me feel better about my own face. I'm going to embrace this shallowness.  

The deaths:

Pike died. DAMN IT. I didn't see that one coming.

Well, I sort of did. I was worried that I wouldn't get to see the movie before it left the theatres (our schedule is busy right now and the Big City isn't all that big, so movies come and go mighty fast). Last week I bought the novelization of the movie and was slowly reading it pacing myself and really savouring the story. Pike's death was moving in the book and on the screen.

The homage to Spock's death in the Wrath of Khan was perfect. And the "KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!" moment made me clap.

The subtle references to the tv series.

My husband particularly enjoyed the references to Harry Mudd, tribbles and Christine Chapel. They were sly nods to the core audience, that didn't take away from the movie's plot. Thanks, JJ!

As a DS9 fan I appreciated the "Section 31" storyline. I think Keenser is the "new" Morn.

By the way, I only recently realized that the first reboot movie contained a reference to Enterprise. The dog that Scotty lost while working out his transwarp beaming equation was Admiral Archer's prized beagle.

The costumes:

The scuba-suit things? AMAZING!

The Enterprise crew's uniforms remain true to the original series. For the most part. I wish they'd stuck with that limited colour palette instead. There was too much diversity.

The dress uniforms were awful. Maybe it's because the movie was in 3D but it was apparent that the dress uniforms didn't fit properly. Something was wrong with the fit and cut. When the characters were erect (heheheheh) the uniforms didn't hang properly over their backsides. When they were sitting the fabric bunched and gaped. Everyone looked uncomfortable and sloppy. Especially at the end of the film:

The flight jackets with the cutouts and vinyl inserts at the shoulders? Ugly and distracting.

It was unnecessary for Marcus' crew to have completely different uniforms. In fact, similarities in costuming between the two ships would've been more poignant.

The Klingon costumes and masks were interesting, however.

The Bechdel test

This movie fails this gender bias test. I'm disappointed. Of course, Star Trek X just barely passed (thanks to a single exchange between Uhura and Gaila) and the rest of the movies don't fare much better. It is one of the reasons why I'm first and foremost a devotee of the various tv series -- the women are strong, nuanced and real.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Is it too early to speculate about the third installment? I hope Khan returns. I'm already casting about in my imagination for someone to play Marla MacGivers. Any suggestions?


  1. It's like this post is written in another language. Maybe even like another alphabet - Cyrillic, maybe, or Arabic.

    1. Excuse me, missy, but you would have no problem with this post if you had followed through on our agreement, miss kale chips. Ahem.

  2. We saw it over Memorial Day weekend and I also enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to. It had received some rather mixed "fan boy" reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Husband did ask at one point though "just how many uniforms do they have?" Ha!

    Cannot leave my usual comment name, this is Maggie. My work computer has a lot to answer for these days...

    1. MAGGIE!

      Oh, yea. The fan boys -- they're a hard bunch to please.

      I forgot to mention the hats. Usually I'm a fan of hats, but this time...I dunno.

  3. My husband and I saw it last night in a delightful little theater in a small town in Hawaii...We LOVED the movie and I too was glad to see it on the big screen. My only problem with the movie was the gratuitous underwear scene....really? You have to change clothes to fly a shuttle craft?

    I have decided on a new name for Mr me he is Mr Delightful!