Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Warp Speed Wednesday. This post was no tribble at all.

After last week'Warp Speed She Wrote post (one in an ongoing series) I decided to make an effort to write shorter posts, more frequently. I'll try not to overwhelm myself or my six readers again. 

I'm backtracking to mention a character actor who I overlooked in an earlier post about character actors on Murder She Wrote and  Star Trek: the Original SeriesAs I mentioned last week, I only recently watched the MSW episode "Witness for the Defense." One of the minor characters is a detective name Ruby. When he first appeared I recognized something about him. As I do very frequently, I surfed over to and looked up the actor's name: Charlie Brill, or as he's known to Trekkies: Arne Darvin.

One of the most popular episodes of TOS is The Trouble With Tribbles. In this light-hearted episode, Kirk and crew are guarding a ship of grain about to be transported to a plague stricken planet, dealing with grandstanding, combative Klingons, while the ship is being overrun by cute, purry, hungry balls of fur that reproduce like the Duggars. 

The story hinges upon a Klingon spy who has been surgically altered to appear like a human, named Arne Darvin:

[By the way: if you are angry that I have now given away the plot,  I don't give a crap: 
the show was broadcast 46 years ago.]

Brill reprised the role in 1996 on Deep Space 9's Trials and Tribble-ations

The crew of the Defiant are flung across the Alpha quadrant and transported 105 years into the past by Arne Darvin in an attempt to take his revenge upon Kirk and the Enterprise's meddlesome crew. Thanks to digital manipulation the actors from DS9 share screen time and interact with the cast of TOS. Below is an example, where two DS9 series regulars were digitally spliced and shared screen time with Scotty, Chekov and Kirk. 

Both are really fun episodes and if you are new to Star Trek, or have small/sensitive children they are good gateaway episodes. But maybe don't bother showing the MSW episode to the kiddies.


  1. I'm only familiar with TOS as I never seemed to get too involved in the other series but you are teaching be a lot about them and I wish I'd watched more.

    LOVED the Trouble with Tribbles episode and can still remember parts of it after all this time.

  2. The very first Trek episode I ever saw was Trouble With Tribbles; I was maybe four or five? ST:TOS used to air on CBC every Saturday at noon, and my dad would watch it - one week he called me in to watch it, saying "here's an episode you'll probably like!" To this day, I have a pretty visceral emotional reaction whenever I see it, because it was one of the first times I remember just me and my dad hanging out.