Monday, July 8, 2013

Shop Girl.

On Friday afternoon, we dropped Fogo off at the kennel and headed to The Big City for a two-day swim meet. The boys both did excellently, achieving personal bests in several events and not crying too much when disqualified. Quite possibly one or both of them won ribbons or medals or whatever it is one wins at swim meets and I have no idea because we left long before the awards' ceremony because we were all exhausted and were longing to get home to our zoo.

We also did some shopping while away.

Too much shopping. So much shopping that as we were leaving the pool, I said to my husband that we should forgo a stop at Costco (where most of our friends were going because the produce is fresher and cheaper than at home and you can buy vast quantities of food stuffs without city folk giving you the side-eye). We didn't have room in the car or our bank account for such a spree.

Prior to that however, I bought three of the big things on my shopping list:

1. boots.

In my early twenties I wore a pair of army surplus boots everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I wore them hiking, biking, dancing. I wore them with jeans in moshpits and with flirty skirts in the heat  of summer and to my job at the library to the annoyance of an older co-worker who did not share my sartorial sense. I took them (and a pair of Teva sandals -- this was the 90s, in case you missed the clues) when I backpacked through Europe.

And then one winter day I slipped on ice and my weight came crashing down on my hyperextended, right ankle, encased in my army surplus boot. Stupidly I limped around for 6 weeks before going to the doctor who confirmed there were minute fractures through the bones of my ankle. They were already healing so there was nothing to be done, but I was warned the calcification scars were numerous and serious. I was never going to be able to wear anything but flats, and would be at risk of osteo arthritis. But these things seem trivial when you are in your twenties.

Not so much now.

For two years I've been looking for a boot with ankle coverage, that aren't too rigid, are semi-water resistant, don't have Gortex and are suitable for dog walking and landscaping projects. When we went to camp in early June, I tried on a pair of boots that belonged to a friend who runs a ranch. And that is why I found myself at a feed store on Saturday buying these:

They're so much fun!

2. Riders by Lee jeans. They're the only jeans that fit my stumpy little legs, make my butt look good and aren't 'mom jeans.' Twenty-Something-Me is horrified by the direction my wardrobe has taken.

3. Curtains.

For a year, I've been looking for inexpensive cotton curtains with back tabs for the living room. I finally bit the bullet and bought some that were not cheap, but are very nice. By the way, if you are mentally and physically exhausted and can't make a decision about home decor, maybe don't consult with my 11 year old. He convinced me to buy orange curtains.

Side note: I bought them at Target, which has only recently opened in The Big City in the site previously occupied by Zellers. Nothing underscores how crappy Zellers was like seeing a well run, clean, and organized company in the same space.

But there was one thing I forgot to buy: a digital thermometer.

This one slipped my mind until I returned home and remembered that ours is wonky because the cat keeps chewing on the cord. See:

It was NOT -25.5ºC when I took that photo. It was more like +32ºC. It's simultaneously cruel and amusing to keep checking that thermometer. 


  1. Zellers! I was in a Zellers a couple of years ago, and it was the same poorly lit, disorganized, poorly stocked, dirty looking store that I remembered from my youth. It's like they just didn't try at all. I haven't been to the Target that took over our Zellers yet, but I'm sure it could be nothing but improved. I hear it's a good place to buy boys' clothing - something I'm finding more and more difficult these days - so I'm sure I'll be there to do some back to school shopping.

    Those boots! They're adorable! I really like them. Tempted to get some of my own.

  2. Agreed on the boots - they are adorable! What brand are they?

  3. I'm slightly addicted to wearing boots myself. I own more pairs than I'd like to admit....