Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warp Speed Wednesday: Fionnula Flanagan

The many faces -- and hairstyles -- of Fionnula Flanagan, as seen on Murder, She Wrote and Star Trek:

MSW: Steal Me A Story (1987), Freida Schmidt:

MSW: A Killing in Cork (1993), Fiona Delaney Griffith:

DS9: Dax (1993), Enina Tandro

TNG: Inheritance (1993): Dr. Juliana Tainer

MSW: Nan's Ghost (1995), Eileen O'Bannon

ENT: Fallen Hero (2002), Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar

MSW: The Celtic Riddle (2003), Margaret Byrne

Regardless of how big her hair, or what accent she's employing: Ms Flanagan is one of my favourite actresses. The excuse to watch her MSW & Star Trek appearances was one of the reasons I wanted to write this series. If you peruse her imdb page you'll see that her credits are extensive, including one of my favourites: Waking Ned Devine. One of the best things about 
Ms Flanagan is her lovely speaking voice:

{performance of Eavan Boland's poem "The Emigrant Irish"}

Only when I sat down to rewatch the MSW episodes did I realize how many other Star Trek actors shared screen time with her. 

In "Steal Me A Story," Scott Lawrence has a small bit as a crew member on a tv production. 

He played Garon in "The Void" (VOY) and appeared on-screen as a Starfleet officer on The Vengence in "Star Trek Into Darkness."

Gail Strickland was Alixus in "Paradise" (DS9) and played a big-haired network executive in "Steal Me A Story."  

One of my favourite Star Trek characters is Elim Garak, the Cardassian tailor on Deep Space 9

Like many Star Trek actors who wear latex masks on screen, I recognized Andrew Robinson not by his face, but his distinctive voice. He was Ambrose, the murder victim, in "A Killing in Cork."

This episode is twenty years old so I have no qualms about spoiling the plot by announcing the killer was played by Dakin Matthews.

He was in 3 MSW episodes: "The Scent of Murder," "A Killing in Cork," and "The Wind Around the Tower." His sole Star Trek credit is "Admiral Patterson" in "Relativity" (VOY).

In the following photo, the man on the left is Mark Rolston, aka Sgt. Terence Boyle in this episode. 

He was in three other MSW episodes: "The Wind Around the Tower" and  "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee." His Sargent Boyle pops up again in "Another Killing in Cork."

Rolston has several Star Trek credits:
Star Trek: Enterprise: The Augments  --  Captain Magh
Star Trek: Enterprise:  Canamar  --  Kuroda Lor-ehn

 Cyril O'Reilly has four MSW credits including "A Killing in Cork." He was in the episodes "An Egg to Die For" and "Snow White, Blood Red." He also played Paddy Whelan in the MSW made-for-tv movie "The Celtic Riddle," which also starred Fionnula Flanagan -- but more on that later. Personally I prefer him as Nahsk from "Who Mourns for Morn?" (DS9).

The Doctor's holographic wife from "Real Life" made an appearance in the MSW episode "Nan's Ghost, Part 1" and "Part 2."

Her real name is Wendy Schaal. In "Nan's Ghost" she portrayed a small time con artist posing as a "divorcee" staying at the inn operated by Flanagan's character.

Tom Kopache (who I mentioned in an earlier WSW blog post) has only one MSW credit on his imdb.com page. 

However, "Leonard" the man-servant was a favourite of the Star Trek casting department:

Star Trek: Generations  --  Com Officer
Star Trek: Enterprise Broken Bow: Part 1  --  Vulcan Attach√© Tos

Michael Jonas was a quisling featured in the second season of VoyagerRaphael Sbarge also turned up in MSW as snivelly Peter Franklin in "Nan's Ghost." Five years earlier he was cast in "Hannigan's Wake" in the role of  Stephen Thurlow.

In this photo he's about to suck face with "Andrea Nadar:" 

Her real name is Leslie Bevis. In three Deep Space 9 episodes ("Broken Link," "The Abandoned," and "The Homecoming") she played "Rionoj." Bevis had one other MSW appearance:  Barbara Desmond in "School for Murder."

The final entry for "Nan's Ghost" is Christopher Neame. On MSW, he was in "Nan's Ghost" as Dr. John Sullivan and "The Legacy of Borbey House" as Peter Jatich.

He has two Star Trek credits: Unferth in VOY's "Heroes and Demons" and a "German General" in  "Storm Front: Part 1 & 2" (ENT).

After MSW concluded, three tv movies were made.  Cyril O'Reilly (I mentioned him up-post) joined Fionnula in "The Celtic Riddle," this time as Paddy Whelen. A local poet named Denny is portrayed by William Morgan Sheppard. Shepherd has one other MSW credit: "Twice Dead" as Dr. Fredrick Grundberg. His Star Trek credits are more extensive:

His son Mark Sheppard had an uncredited performance in "The Celtic Riddle" as "Man In Car." He was Leucon in Voyager's Child's Play.

A Sergent in "The Celtic Riddle" is played by Tim De Zarn. He's been in several different Star Trek series:
Star Trek: Voyager. Repentance -- Warden Yediq

In case you are still hankering for more JB Fletcher awesomeness, check out this video

Also let's take a moment to appreciate Angela Lansbury's lovely legs: 


  1. I had no idea Fionnula Flanagan was in them so much. I love her voice too. Have you seen her in Defiance? I loved Garak too - didn't recognize him, though.

  2. Your work on these posts is amazing. I am in awe of you. And Angela Lansbury's legs.