Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Warp Speed Wednesday: I'm just dialing this one in because it's late and I'm sleepy and it's +1000 degrees KELVIN in my house.

Thank you, JJ Abrams, for casting Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek: Into Darkness, thereby giving me another excuse to blog about the man.

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The trailer for "The Fifth Estate" was released recently.  Butterscotch Candybatch    Boilerdang Crinklesnitch    Fragglerock Ampersand  Benedict Cumberbatch1 plays Julian Assange, and the movie looks very good. However Benedict doesn't look very good. This white wig is doing nothing for my lady bits:

Do my eyes deceive me, or does Alexander Siddig (Doctor Bashir from Deep Space Nine) appear in the trailer at the 1:31 mark? His imdb page doesn't show this credit -- which I think is odd.

Either way, I definitely want to see this movie.

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 1 -- explanation found here.


  1. Haven't heard of this movie...but if Alexander Siddig is really in it, I am THERE.

  2. It's always 1000 degrees Kevin at my house.

    Sid is either in it or he's managed to have a stunt double in the film without actually appearing in it himself. Or perhaps he was cut from the final edit.

    I thought you were just being funny with your labels, but "Cumberbitches" turns out to be the proper term for his fans! Remarkable. Now I'm wondering if Star Trek really is Life.